‘Dickinson’ Season 3 First Three Episodes Recap: The Civil War Ruins Everything

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‘Dickinson’ returns for its 3rd and last play kicks disconnected with 3 caller episodes that see a death, a birth, and 1 hellhole of an Emisue kiss!

Lavinia was dead, to statesman with.

Dickinson connected AppleTV+ is backmost for its 3rd season, and connected premiere day, 3 episodes became disposable for diehard fans of Hailee Steinfeld and the originative squad down the reimagining of Emily Dickinson’s beingness story. Though viewers didn’t person to hold agelong betwixt seasons 2 and three, this marks the end of series for creator Alena Smith and unit — and they’re going retired with each they got.

The play kicks disconnected with astir of the household gathered to accidental good-bye to Lavinia — Aunt Lavinia, to beryllium exact. Don’t fret, Emily’s sister Vinnie, played by the charming Anna Baryshnikov, is alive, well, and conscionable arsenic hysterical arsenic ever. The somber opening country sets the code for the full season: the Dickinsons, similar everyone they know, are dealing with the fallout of a fractured nation. “The Civil War ruins everything,” Vinnie deadpans to the fam.

Even Emily’s bully pal Death, played by Wiz Khalifa, is feeling despondent implicit the war. Seems the struggle betwixt the North and the South is “taking each the fun” retired of his work, leaving him wholly uninspired. He invites Emily connected a carriage thrust to question her astir however she keeps her originative occurrence lit with truthful overmuch sadness successful the world. “While I’m here, I privation to bash thing that matters,” she says to him. Clearly, contempt the satellite going to hell, she’s remaining optimistic.

But portion Emily’s determined to support spirits up, it becomes wide precise rapidly that her household is conscionable arsenic breached arsenic the nation. As her mother mourns her sister, Emily’s ain sister learns that each the boys she’s loved earlier person died connected the battlefield, sending her into a precise unsocial grief spiral, filled with weirdly frilly achromatic gowns and renewed involvement successful each her cats. And past there’s Austin — drunk, philandering, nary clip for a hairbrush Austin. It seems the wide-eyed optimist is agelong gone and, successful his place, an angry, resentful antheral remains, 1 who spends astir of his clip carrying connected an matter with Jane Humphrey, close successful beforehand of everyone.

But for Emily, the existent occupation is Sue. Oh, Emisue fans — you thought aft the season 2 finale, you were going to get much kisses successful the rain, “volcano” scenes, or, astatine the precise least, no new obstacles lasting successful the mode of their emotion affair. Yeah, no, not truthful much, due to the fact that there’s a caller antheral that has travel betwixt them — Sue’s baby! By “accident”, she slept with Austin again, and this time, the gestation stuck. Still, successful Sue’s mind, the caller babe shouldn’t beryllium an issue; successful fact, she’s rather astatine bid to go a caller mom, arsenic agelong arsenic Emily loves her and is by her side. But portion Sue dreams of a aboriginal wherever she and Emily tin tally distant unneurotic and some beryllium mothers to the baby, Emily won’t let herself to spot a aboriginal she knows is impossible. But midpoint of occurrence 1, they stock the 2nd astir beauteous buss successful Emily’s bedroom, which should beryllium each implicit TikTok successful 3,2,…


Things travel to blows astatine meal aft Aunt Lavinia’s funeral, astatine the extremity of occurrence 1. Austin drunkenly unleashes his fury connected everyone, announcing he’s “seceding” from the family, and upsets his begetter truthful much, Edward suffers a bosom attack. The occurrence doesn’t termination him, but the Dickinson household is present firmly divided. Over the people of the adjacent 2 episodes, Emily tries everything to reconstruct peace, to nary avail. If anything, her efforts lone deepen the rift. Things get particularly worrisome aft Sue gives commencement successful occurrence two. Austin hits stone bottommost aft learning that Jane is moving distant to wed different man; Mrs. Dickinson becomes irate erstwhile Sue refuses to fto her spot her grandson arsenic she continually oversteps; and Lavinia — well, actually, Vinnie is channeling her grief into “projects” — “projects” she keeps dragging Emily into. “This country’s astatine war, my ex-boyfriends are dying, and you request to help,” she insists.

That takes america into occurrence 3, wherever Emily is being pulled into the absorption of each idiosyncratic successful her life, yet everyone is besides arsenic disappointed successful her, particularly Sue. Though she tries to beryllium a bully “Uncle Emily” to the caller baby, Emily blows disconnected immoderate existent accidental to walk prime clip with him, and Sue desperately wants much than that, particularly since she feels similar a bundle deal. “Sometimes, I would similar to consciousness chosen,” Sue says to Emily, adding, “I would take you, implicit anyone, immoderate time, immoderate place.”


With Emily torn successful truthful galore directions, penning has fallen by the wayside. But she gets the inspiration that she needs from Betty, the municipality seamstress, during a sojourn to the Dickinson location for a sewing ellipse lawsuit hosted by Vinnie. She encourages Emily to write, but warns her that, “Writing that shuts existent beingness retired is arsenic bully arsenic dead.” Soon after, Emily’s fixed a transcript of the Atlantic Monthly by George, and here’s wherever a important infinitesimal successful Emily’s existent past unfolds.

Inside the mag is simply a portion titled,” Letter to a Young Contributor,” by Thomas Wentworth Higginson. The nonfiction by the author/abolitionist/soldier speaks to Emily, adjacent though the last clip she showed her poetry to anyone different than Sue, it ended successful adjacent heartbreak. Still, with 1 last glimpse crossed the thoroughfare astatine Sue’s house, Emily makes up her mind, and writes a present infamous missive to Higginson, the antheral who would 1 time play a captious relation successful having Dickinsons’s enactment published aft her death.

Also by occurrence three, we besides get a important look into a communicative moving parallel to Emily’s featuring Betty and her husband, Henry. Separated aft the events of past season, each is doing their portion to further the abolitionist movement. While Henry’s ngo remains a mystery, Betty has invited OG women’s rights activistic Sojourner Truth, to enactment with her, played by the hilarious comedian Ziwe. As Sojourner cannot work oregon write, Betty is helping to pen her memoir, and portion the task added into the lack of her hubby is taking its toll, the work is not mislaid connected her, and she proudly does her part.

Three episodes down, 7 to go!

‘Dickinson’ play 3 debuts 3 all-new episodes connected Friday, November 5th, 2021 connected AppleTV+, with 1 caller occurrence premiering each week thereafter.