Did Dwayne Johnson Buy a T-Rex Fossil for $31 Million? Here’s Why the Rock’s Manningcast Appearance Leaves Some Wondering

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson upped the interior plan barroom erstwhile a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull appeared successful the inheritance during an interview on the “The ManningCast” amusement connected Monday night.

What to Know

Johnson, astatine home, joined show hosts Peyton and Eli Manning remotely connected Walt Disney Co.-owned ESPN2 during the 2nd 4th of the NFC wild-card playoff featuring Los Angeles Ram vs. Arizona Cardinals, which Los Angeles won.

They were discussing Johnson’s shot vocation astatine the University of Miami erstwhile Eli Manning pointed retired the dinosaur.

“That’s Stan. So arsenic a substance of information Stan is the astir implicit T-Rex skull ever recovered by a paleontologist—a young paleontologist—and his sanction was Stan, truthful this T-Rex caput was named aft him,” said Johnson.

To paleontologists worldwide—and for those who bash oregon don’t survey rocks of immoderate sort—the question is: Where did this Rock get “Stan”?

Why It’s Important

The T-Rex bones perchance successful question were discovered much than 3 decades agone successful South Dakota by an amateur paleontologist named Stan Sacrison and was nicknamed, of course, “Stan.” Housed successful the backstage Black Hills Institute of Geological Research successful Hill City, South Dakota, it was enactment up for auction arsenic a effect of a suit that ruled it had to beryllium sold arsenic a payout for 1 of the owners of the institute.

In October 2020, London-based auction location Christie’s sold the “Stan” for a grounds $31.8 million, the highest terms ever paid astatine auction for a fossil, stated a National Geographic article.

Paleontologists hoped it would spell to a depository allowing them and different scientists to proceed to survey it. But “Stan” went to a backstage proprietor and disappeared, overmuch similar helium (or she) had done truthful galore millions of years agone successful the lonely scenery of South Dakota.

Could Johnson’s lively abode present beryllium “Stan’s”—all 39-feet and 188 archetypal bones—new resting place? And, did Johnson decapitate “Stan” to acceptable successful what looks similar his kitchen?

No 1 knows—for now—but it mightiness beryllium a alleviation to some is that the institute sold high-quality casts of Stan, and it tin inactive bash truthful arsenic presumption of the lawsuit, according to National Geographic. A look connected the institute tract shows that a “Stan”-cast T-Rex skull with cervix costs $17,500.

And this whitethorn beryllium what Johnson has.

“Pretty chill and badass, isn’t it?” Johnson remarked astir “Stan,” who whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium the $31 cardinal man.

By Sue Strachan

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