Dining across the divide: ‘We inherited a degree of stoicism that is no longer required’

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Ian, 69, Cornwall

Dining crossed  the divider Ian

Occupation Retired, aft 25 years successful the Royal Navy (including commanding 2 submarines) followed by 25 years successful the healthcare sector

Voting record Ian didn’t ballot portion serving. Since past he’s voted Lib Dem oregon Conservative. In the EU referendum Ian voted leave

Amuse bouche Ian has designed a flatpack wendy location that helium is gathering for his 2 caller granddaughters

Kevin, 65, Cornwall

Dining crossed  the divider Kevin

Occupation Retired nonrecreational (retail management, freelance artist, teacher, foundation worker)

Voting record Mainly Lib Dem; ne'er Conservative. In the referendum Kevin voted remain

Amuse bouche Kevin, who has already cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats, volition soon pedal done France from the Channel to the Mediterranean

For starters

Ian I would picture myself arsenic a small‑c conservative. I americium a reluctant follower of rules. I similar to marque my ain decisions. I similar to spot gradual alteration alternatively than extremist change.

Kevin I americium a spot of a governmental maverick. I similar to perceive to each sides of the argument. We’ve got a precise aged antiauthoritarian system, which I don’t deliberation is susceptible of solving anything. I don’t deliberation two-party authorities is the way.

Dining crossed  the dividers Ian (left) and Kevin

The large beef

Ian I voted successful a nuanced way, 60:40, successful favour of Brexit. I could spot immoderate of the downsides but successful the extremity it came down to sovereignty. I feared the EU was becoming sclerotic with its ain bureaucracy, with a inclination to privation to power sovereign states.

Kevin I recognize the problems of the EU but it doesn’t mean I wanted to divorcement myself from them. We person mislaid the azygous market, but the main crushed I voted to stay was due to the fact that I saw the Tory enactment arsenic incapable of making Brexit happen. I saw that the full happening would beryllium an utter messiness if it went the incorrect mode – and truthful acold it’s proving that. In Cornwall determination was a passionate ballot against the EU, from sportfishing and farming. Many are present saying that what they were promised hasn’t been delivered. Flower growers person mislaid immense amounts of wealth due to the fact that they haven’t had the pickers.

Ian I deliberation that’s portion of the short-term symptom for longer-term gain. There volition beryllium visas for radical to prime flowers and cod vegetables successful owed course. It volition besides springiness the accidental to radical successful Cornwall to instrumentality those jobs. But we’ve travel to trust connected quality beings erstwhile modern exertion tin bash more. When you tin find a Romanian angiosperm picker prepared to enactment for the minimum wage, wherefore put to bash thing else?

Dining crossed  the dividers Ian (left) and Kevin

Sharing plate

Kevin For maine the Queen is conscionable a figurehead, but we looked astatine countries with a president and couldn’t spot the UK being comfy pursuing that path. The Dutch model, wherever they’re downsized, could beryllium the mode forward.

Ian I deliberation I respect the monarchy arsenic an instauration much than the radical who populate it. The Queen fulfils the relation precise well. I’m not convinced her lad volition bash the same. He’s a spot similar a spoiled elder child. And I’m not definite William is going successful the close direction, either. He’s started to determination into the celebrity/Instagram circuit. I deliberation determination needs to beryllium a small spot of mystery.

Kevin Ian was saying that William is trying to exemplary himself arsenic a benignant of David Beckham. I don’t adjacent look astatine the royal household successful that benignant of detail.

Dining crossed  the dividers Ian (left) and Kevin

For afters

Ian Kevin and I were calved successful the 50s; our parents were intimately progressive successful the 2nd satellite warfare and rationing, truthful we inherited a grade of stoicism that is nary longer required. Perhaps radical are little robust arsenic a result.

Kevin We did talk a spot astir however these days radical deterioration badges for everything. I’ve got nary occupation with them taking the genu oregon wearing pinkish ribbons, but societal media has meant that everyone has started having labels attached to them, from azygous parent to gluten intolerant. I enactment for a foundation that helps radical who person had intelligence wellness breakdowns, and different that provides meals for radical connected the streets. These radical person existent issues, not badges.

Dining crossed  the dividers Ian (left) and Kevin


Ian Discussing differences successful a calm and measured mode does work. We didn’t adjacent request a facilitator to find communal crushed and bask each other’s company.

Kevin We did person immoderate differences but we were besides aged capable to enactment retired however to get circular them. He is genuinely a precise bully bloke.

Ian and Kevin

Additional reporting: Rachel Obordo

Ian and Kevin ate astatine The Alverton successful Truro

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