Disclosed Documents Reveal AT&T’s ‘Racial Equity’ Guidelines for Employees

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Internal documents uncover AT&T’s guidelines for its employees to acquisition radical inequality grooming by confronting “white privilege.”

Journalist Christopher Rufo with City Journal mag obtained the documents from an worker who told him, “If you don’t bash it, you’re [considered] a racist,” Rufo said successful his report connected Thursday.

“AT&T is different Fortune 100 institution that has succumbed to the latest fad: firm ‘diversity and inclusion’ programming that traffics successful the disfigured concepts of contention essentialism and corporate guilt,” Rufo said connected Twitter.

The worldly recovered successful the papers is based connected the “core teachings of critical contention theory,” Rufo said.

Critical contention mentation is simply a Marxist-based doctrine that suggests nine is simply a people conflict betwixt oppressors and the oppressed, labeling achromatic radical arsenic the oppressors and each different races arsenic the oppressed.

“AT&T Corporation has created a contention reeducation programme with materials claiming that ‘racism is simply a uniquely achromatic trait’ and teaching employees: ‘White people, you are the problem,” Rufo said.

The reeducation programme promotes the conception that racism is strictly a achromatic characteristic.

AT&T CEO John Stankey started the programme helium called the “Listen. Understand. Act.” successful absorption to the decease of George Floyd, Stankey said successful a missive recovered successful the documents.

Stankey said surveys person reported that radical “are progressively looking to companies and CEOs to measurement successful connected the hard societal and governmental issues that disagreement america arsenic a country.”

He said not lone has AT&T, headquartered successful Dallas, Texas, been moving successful constabulary reform, but besides its worker governmental enactment committee suspended contributions to 147 members of Congress who voted not to certify the Electoral College votes of Arizona and Georgia aft what helium called the “Jan. 6 insurrection astatine the Capitol.”

The documents cited concepts that claimed that the pandemic created conditions conducive to radical facing racism, paralleling racism to the microorganism by comparing the vulnerability radical consciousness toward the microorganism with achromatic radical and racism, according to Andres Tapia, a diverseness and inclusion strategist with Korn Ferry, a planetary organizational consulting firm.

The documents besides incorporate the “21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge” written by Dr. Eddie Moore, with the America & Moore diverseness acquisition consulting firm.

“Finally, AT&T encourages employees to enactment successful a 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challange, which teaches that ‘Whiteness is 1 of the biggest and astir long-running scams ever perpetrated’ and that the ‘weaponization of whiteness’ is simply a ‘constant barrage of harm’ for minorities,'” Rufo said.

Moore writes that the situation involves taking actions to “further your knowing of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity,” arsenic good arsenic reading, listening to podcasts, and watching videos that revolve astir the taxable of race, specified arsenic the publication “How White People Got Made,” by Quinn Norton, and watching videos specified arsenic “How ‘white fragility’ reinforces racism.”

Moore asks that employees marque radical observations, specified arsenic what the radical creation is of the surrounding radical successful a peculiar situation and to see what information of one’s time is engaged successful discussing racism.

“Engaging successful racially mixed settings tin trigger age-old powerfulness and privilege dynamics,” Moore said. “The extremity is to beryllium a learner much than a knower, precisely the other of what ascendant U.S. civilization teaches america to be.”

Some of the euphony Moore recommended was “Born this Way,” by Lady Gaga, and “White Privilege,” by Mackelmore.

AT&T did not instantly respond to a petition for a remark connected the programme and if it’s mandatory.

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