Disneyland Pass Holders Frustrated With Limited Entry Times

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As Magic Keyholder reservations for Disneyland are astir filled for the remainder of 2021, the yearly walk holders are speaking retired against the taxable park’s deficiency of availability.

Disneyland released the Magic Key yearly walk successful August aft ending the yearly walk programme earlier successful the twelvemonth erstwhile the taxable parkland was closed amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Passes offered scope from $399 to $1,399, arsenic walk holders wage depending connected the fig of disposable dates they prefer.

Kathee Baines, an Enchanted keyholder, purchased an yearly walk unaware of however hard it would beryllium to reserve her spot successful the taxable park. Despite purchasing a higher-priced walk to spell connected the weekends and occasionally during the week, the preservation strategy makes it hard to prime desired dates.

“I look to spot if I tin marque a preservation connected the time my walk is good, [and] I can’t due to the fact that they bounds the fig of keyholders,” Baines told The Epoch Times. “That’s unfair to america that person committed to wage for the passes.”

For astir a week, Disneyland’s summons and preservation strategy for each Magic Keyholders was afloat booked for October. On the evening of Oct. 19, the preservation strategy showed much availability for keyholders to reserve last-minute slots from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22.

As for November, astir 13 days of weekday availability stay for keyholders to publication with astir weekends being sold out. In December, Disneyland appears to beryllium afloat booked with lone Disney California Adventure Park being disposable to reserve.

According to the Disneyland preservation system, much days are disposable for non-pass holders who acquisition one-day taxable parkland tickets than keyholders.

Depending connected the pass, keyholders tin reserve betwixt 2 to six slots. With the Enchanted pass, Blaines is capable to reserve up to 4 dates to be the taxable park.

Baines has 4 aboriginal trips to the parkland planned with her girl but misses being capable to spell past minute.

“I knew we would person to marque a reservation, that’s okay, but I didn’t cognize they would not springiness america priority,” Baines said. “If I privation to spell past minute, I can’t due to the fact that there’s lone availability for radical with regular tickets.”

Prior to Disneyland’s merchandise of the Magic Keyholder programme successful August, Baines was a Southern California yearly walk holder. With the erstwhile yearly walk holder program, attending the taxable parkland aft enactment was much convenient.

“I privation it could beryllium much flexible,” Baines said.“Today I would person gone but I person 4 days reserved, truthful adjacent if determination were spots, I could not go.”

Despite the Magic Keyholder programme receiving pushback, different walk holders admit Disneyland’s determination successful creating the preservation system.

“This is not an [annual pass] script folks,” Andrew Sheridan wrote connected Facebook. “It is simply a greatly antithetic and deliberately designed strategy to make a amended ambiance wrong the parks… The happiest spot connected world is amended for the restricted entree close now. It’s besides an astonishing feeling erstwhile you get it knowing you had to enactment for it.”

The Epoch Times reached retired to Disneyland regarding constricted availability for yearly walk holders but didn’t person a effect by deadline.

Vanessa Serna


Vanessa Serna is simply a California-based regular quality newsman for The Epoch Times.