Ditch Ads, and Other Reasons to Use These Hidden Chrome ‘Flags’ on Your Android

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Chrome connected Android is simply a precise susceptible browser. It’s the default browser for astir Android smartphones retired there. And due to the fact that it’s truthful popular, it hasn’t truly changed implicit the past mates of years.

It’s inactive bully astatine browsing the web, but different than tab groups, we haven’t seen immoderate large caller features arsenic of late. That doesn’t mean Google isn’t innovating oregon trying caller things, however. The institution has really been investigating dozens of caller Chrome features for months oregon years that conscionable haven’t made it to the unchangeable merchandise of the browser yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t usage them.

If you don’t caput being adventurous, you tin alteration these experimental features utilizing the Flags option. As they are experimental, they mightiness impact the browsing experience, but you tin ever crook them disconnected again.

How to alteration experimental flags connected Chrome for Android

Image for nonfiction  titled Ditch Ads, and Other Reasons to Use These Hidden Chrome ‘Flags’ connected  Your Android

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

First, let’s speech astir enabling a flag. Open the Chrome browser and participate “chrome://flags” successful the URL bar. You volition present spot a agelong database of each disposable experimental features. Use the hunt barroom to hunt for the emblem you want.

Tap the drop-down adjacent to the flag, and take the “Enabled” enactment (or 1 of the different customizable options). Tap the “Relaunch” button. When Chrome reboots, the diagnostic volition beryllium enabled.

The champion Chrome flags to effort connected Android

As noted, determination are dozens of experimental features connected the flags page, galore of which are designed for developer use. Still, determination are rather a fewer gems that volition adhd caller functionality to Chrome for immoderate user.

  • Reading List: It feels similar Chrome’s speechmaking database diagnostic has been successful improvement for years. As of now, the lone mode to alteration it is by utilizing this flag. Once you do, you’ll beryllium capable to adhd articles to the caller Reading List diagnostic (the Reading List itself lives successful the Bookmarks tab).
  • Web Feed: Google Reader is agelong dead, but Chrome is bringing a akin diagnostic called Web Feed to Google Chrome. Once you alteration the flag, you’ll beryllium capable to travel immoderate tract that offers an RSS feed. You’ll past spot caller posts from the tract successful the “Following” conception connected the caller tab page.
  • Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents: This is simply a truly chill emblem that smartly inverts the colors of astir web pages, turning them to acheronian mode adjacent if the website doesn’t enactment it.
  • Incognito Screenshot: Once you alteration this feature, you’ll beryllium capable to surpass Chrome’s information diagnostic that blocks screenshots successful Incognito tabs.
  • Show Query Tiles: Google’s homepage is progressively crowded with contented recommendations and ads. This emblem removes each of that. Just disable the “Show Query Tiles” emblem and you’re bully to go.
  • Google Lens: Google Lens diagnostic has arrived successful Chrome for desktop, but it’s inactive hidden down a emblem connected Android. Once you alteration it (the emblem is called “Google Lens powered representation hunt successful the discourse menu”), you’ll beryllium capable to hunt for related images from the long-press menu.
  • Smooth Scrolling: Not each websites enactment good successful Chrome. Some overloaded websites stutter and lag. This emblem volition assistance you easiness the scrolling load by introducing immoderate much-needed smoothness.
  • Parallel Downloading: If you regularly download ample files, alteration this astute flag. It volition divided ample files into smaller chunks, and past it volition download aggregate files successful parallel, vastly improving download times.
  • Password Import: This emblem makes it casual to import passwords from antithetic platforms oregon services utilizing a CSV file.
  • Omnibox Assistant Voice Search: When you property the Microphone icon successful the apical toolbar, it volition present trigger Google Assistant.