Documentary Showcases Mustangs, A Symbol of America’s Spirit of Freedom

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The communicative of the American mustang is 1 that reflects overmuch of the country’s ain story: 1 of resilience and freedom. This is the cardinal taxable explored successful the documentary “The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses.”

“We wanted to archer archetypal of each a large communicative and consciousness similar an American adventure; we spell to each these places passim the West,” Steven Latham, the film’s director, told NTD Television.

The movie explores the past of mustangs, the existent concern and challenges the horses face, and immoderate stories from radical who are moving to marque a quality successful the lives of wild horses.

Epoch Times Photo The authoritative poster for the movie “The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses.” (Courtesy of Steven Latham)

“The chaotic equine is an unthinkable animal. … The chaotic equine represents fierce independence, state successful the mode they unrecorded their lives, household bonds, loyalty, integrity,” said Latham. “These are surviving symbols of our corporate past.”

The movie begins by explaining the origins of American mustangs, which are recovered crossed the occidental United States. The horses were archetypal brought to the state by Spanish settlers. Over the years, immoderate domesticated horses escaped into the chaotic oregon were freed from corrals by chaotic stallions seeking to adhd domesticated mares to their herds.

By the 1900s, the request for mustangs arsenic moving animals declined, and the favored nutrient manufacture began utilizing horses successful canned canine food. In the 1950s, the methods and practices utilized for capturing horses came to airy and were deemed utmost and cruel.

Activist groups called connected the authorities to walk laws that would support chaotic horses, starring to the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.

Epoch Times Photo Wild horses attack a subordinate of the movie crew. (Courtesy of Steven Latham)

“People effort to romanticize chaotic horses. … ‘They’re symbols of freedom, and fto them beryllium free; don’t circular them up.’ I privation we could accidental that, but it’s complicated,” said Latham. “That’s what we wanted to amusement successful the film; there’s nary metallic bullet, there’s nary casual answer. But that shouldn’t forestall america from doing the hard enactment to negociate them and to support them for the future.”

As the movie reveals, managing and protecting chaotic horses is simply a analyzable issue. Latham explained that lone astir 10 percent of nationalist land—called herd absorption areas—is allocated for chaotic horses to roam.

He said that adjacent connected federally protected nationalist land, chaotic horses unrecorded successful contention with the interests of farmers and ranchers. U.S. nationalist lands are besides location to different wildlife and conservation areas.

“Some of the crushed wherefore it’s truthful divisive is due to the fact that radical person benignant of weaponized misinformation,” said Latham. “When you person each these societal media pages, and they’re each trying to rise wealth disconnected this issue, it’s conscionable not true.”

The movie shares immoderate of the existent methods grassroots groups are using, specified arsenic fertility control, to negociate the chaotic equine population. Latham explained that mustangs tin easy treble their colonisation each 3 to 4 years, starring to overpopulation, followed by regular roundups into corrals.

Epoch Times Photo Mustangs being herded into corrals connected federally protected nationalist land. (Courtesy of Steven Latham)

Latham said that the intent of the movie is to supply accusation and stock antithetic stories from equine trainers, veterans, fertility power groups, and sanctuary workers astir the acquisition of moving with and gathering bonds with chaotic horses.

Brian Pratt, the film’s cinematographer, revealed that making a movie astir chaotic animals tin beryllium challenging astatine times. Some days, the unit had to thrust astir for hours earlier spotting immoderate chaotic horses.

“We had to sometimes beryllium precise gentle and enactment distant from them, because, you know, they’re beauteous animals, but they tin beryllium spooked precise easily,” Pratt told NTD Television.

The movie unit utilized 2 cameras to movie the mustangs from a region successful the wild.

Epoch Times Photo A idiosyncratic takes photos of mustangs from a distance. (Courtesy of Steven Latham)

More than 80,000 chaotic horses roam national lands successful the United States. Pratt and Latham described however a batch of radical said they were unaware that chaotic horses adjacent existed and unaware of the transportation they person with America’s history.

They anticipation the documentary tin let viewers to recognize the travel and concern mustangs face, portion astatine the aforesaid clip showcasing the horses’ bonds with each different and humans, their perseverance, and their tone of freedom.

With reporting by NTD’s Jason Blair

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