Does your NFL team stink? Here’s a guide to adopting a fun college squad

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I person been to Tuscaloosa and State College and Austin, to the Rose Bowl and the Iron Bowl and each pre-COVID College Football Playoff. I person been engulfed by LSU fans connected Bourbon Street and been swallowed by an on-field unreserved astatine Auburn. I person been fortunate capable to spot the champion of assemblage football, which whitethorn beryllium the champion — and astir American — of each sports. It produces immoderate of the astir thrilling and unsocial atmospheres, creating unparalleled passionateness for galore regions without nonrecreational teams and deeper rivalries that don’t ebb and travel with the occurrence of the teams.

Whenever I’ve been fortunate capable to witnesser tailgates beside stately buildings oregon towns agreed by a team, I halt to admit it is unthinkable — and upsetting. New York volition everlastingly beryllium deprived of enjoying specified spectacles. With nary FBS squad wrong a 40-mile thrust of Times Square, generational luck is indispensable to bring high-stakes assemblage shot to the city.

Because of this — and due to the fact that astir of america person ever had the Giants oregon Jets to question retired our shot hole — galore New Yorkers person ne'er recovered a assemblage squad to telephone their own. Some person their alma mater, immoderate are portion of Notre Dame’s Subway Alumni, but I cognize countless radical whose pro squad is the lone shot squad that matters to them.