DOJ closer to possible indictment of Trump in documents probe

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A national expansive assemblage investigating Donald Trump in Florida heard from astatine slightest 1 further witnesser Wednesday amid signs that the Justice Department was moving toward a imaginable indictment implicit the erstwhile president's mishandling of classified documents.

In the past week, his lawyers person met with Justice Department officials to reason against an indictment; Trump has issued societal media posts successful which helium suggested helium anticipated that helium mightiness beryllium charged; and a erstwhile apical adjutant appeared earlier a expansive assemblage successful Miami — an indication, ineligible experts said, that prosecutors had settled connected Florida alternatively than Washington arsenic an due venue for charges.

In addition, respective media reports Wednesday evening said prosecutors had precocious issued the Trump ineligible squad a people letter, which is often but not ever a precursor to transgression charges. The Justice Department defines a people arsenic idiosyncratic whom prosecutors person important grounds linking to a crime.

"I deliberation the awesome is progressively that the charges against the erstwhile president volition beryllium successful Florida," said Brandon Van Grack, a erstwhile Justice Department authoritative and a cardinal lawyer connected an earlier peculiar counsel squad that investigated ties betwixt Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign. Lawyers for Trump did not instrumentality calls seeking comment. The Associated Press has not independently confirmed the beingness of a people letter. 

A Trump spokesperson would not corroborate oregon contradict receiving a missive and a Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment. Earlier successful the day, Taylor Budowich, who had served arsenic a spokesperson for Trump aft his presidency and present runs a pro-Trump ace PAC, testified earlier the expansive jury. He confirmed his quality connected Twitter, writing, "Today, successful what tin lone beryllium described arsenic a bogus and profoundly troubling effort to usage the powerfulness of authorities to 'get' Trump, I fulfilled a ineligible work to attest successful beforehand a national expansive assemblage and I answered each question honestly."

A assortment of witnesses, including lawyers for Trump, adjacent aides to the erstwhile president and officials with the Trump Organization, person appeared implicit the past twelvemonth earlier the expansive assemblage successful Washington arsenic portion of a Justice Department peculiar counsel probe into Trump over the retention of hundreds of classified documents astatine Mar-a-Lago and imaginable obstruction of the government's efforts to reclaim the records.

But the beingness of a abstracted expansive assemblage successful Florida adds a wrinkle to an probe that has been mostly shrouded successful enigma and has been thought to beryllium successful its extremity stages. It suggests that prosecutors whitethorn beryllium moving toward bringing transgression charges successful Florida, wherever the documents were taken aft Trump near the White House and wherever aggregate acts of alleged obstruction person occurred, alternatively of successful Washington.

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Though the bulk of the investigative enactment has been done successful Washington, prosecutors could simply work cardinal grounds to the Florida expansive assemblage oregon person a summary witnesser summarize each the cardinal evidence, Van Grack said.

Trump's lawyers met astatine the Justice Department connected Monday with officials including peculiar counsel Jack Smith, portion of an effort by the ineligible squad to rise concerns astir what they accidental is prosecutorial misconduct and to effort to reason against a imaginable indictment. After that meeting, Trump posted connected his Truth Social level successful superior letters: "How tin DOJ perchance complaint me, who did thing wrong," erstwhile nary different presidents person been charged.

He besides called into a vigor show, wherever helium confirmed the gathering with his lawyers and said: "Well, I tin conscionable accidental this: They did spell successful and they saw 'em and they said precise unfair. No different president has ever been charged with thing similar this.'"

On Wednesday, helium issued a caller societal media station saying, "No 1 has told maine I’m being indicted, and I shouldn’t beryllium due to the fact that I’ve done NOTHING wrong, but I person assumed for years that I americium a Target of the WEAPONIZED DOJ & FBI."

The probe has focused not lone connected the possession of classified documents, including astatine the top-secret level, but besides connected the refusal of Trump to instrumentality the records erstwhile asked, and connected imaginable obstruction. The FBI past twelvemonth issued a subpoena for classified records astatine the property, and aft coming to fishy that Trump and his representatives had not returned each the documents, returned with a hunt warrant and recovered an further 100 with classification markings.

Beyond the Mar-a-Lago investigation, different probe successful Washington besides conducted by Smith centers connected efforts by Trump and his allies to undo the results of the 2020 statesmanlike election.