DOJ Seeks to Speed Up Its Appeal of Trump Special Master Appointment

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) connected Friday filed a question requesting a national appeals tribunal to fast-track its appeal of the assignment of a special master to reappraisal documents the FBI seized astatine erstwhile President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property successful Palm Beach.

The DOJ connected Friday projected that the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals orders each written briefs beryllium filed successful the lawsuit by Nov. 11, and clasp immoderate indispensable proceeding successful the lawsuit arsenic soon arsenic that briefing is completed. Currently, the deadline for the briefs is scheduled for astir a period later—Dec. 9—and oral arguments person not been scheduled.

Trump’s lawyers reason the request, the authorities said.

If the tribunal doesn’t expedite the DOJ’s entreaty and resoluteness the case, the peculiar maestro reappraisal “could effect successful prolonged litigation,” the section argued in the filing (pdf).

The DOJ seeks to halt the peculiar maestro review. In its filing, it noted different result it would deem favorable: If the appeals tribunal yet rules that the peculiar maestro reappraisal tin proceed but that Trump cannot asseverate enforcement privilege implicit immoderate of the documents—meaning helium could lone asseverate attorney-client privilege—such a ruling would inactive “substantially constrictive the peculiar maestro proceedings.”

In the filing, the DOJ complained astir how, owed to tribunal orders related to the peculiar maestro review, it is presently barred from accessing implicit 11,000 materials that were not marked classified the FBI seized, which means it “cannot examine records that were comingled with materials bearing classification markings.”

But those non-classified records “may shed airy on, for example, however the materials bearing classification markings were transferred to [Trump’s] residence, however they were stored, and who whitethorn person accessed them,” the DOJ said. The non-classified records whitethorn besides represent grounds of imaginable violations of national statutes connected obstruction and concealment oregon removal of authorities records, it added.

The DOJ argued that an expedited docket for briefing and statement would, if its entreaty is palmy successful halting the peculiar maestro review, let it “to much rapidly resume its probe without restraints connected its reappraisal and usage of grounds seized pursuant to a lawful hunt warrant.”


The FBI connected Aug. 8 seized thousands of documents without informing from Mar-a-Lago arsenic portion of a DOJ probe into whether Trump mishandled authorities records, and whether helium tried to obstruct the DOJ investigation. Christina Bobb, a Trump lawyer, previously told The Epoch Times that the FBI agents were “looking for statesmanlike records, what they deemed to beryllium statesmanlike records and thing that could perchance beryllium classified.”

Senior U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie was appointed connected Sept. 15 as peculiar maestro aft Trump requested for an autarkic arbiter to reappraisal the seized documents. Dearie is now tasked with reviewing each of the materials the FBI seized successful its August raid, arsenic good arsenic determining whether immoderate materials should not beryllium reviewed by the DOJ due to the fact that they are perchance covered by claims of attorney-client oregon enforcement privilege. The review is presently acceptable to extremity by Dec. 16.

In naming Dearie arsenic peculiar master, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon had besides temporarily blocked the DOJ from continuing its reappraisal of the seized materials and utilizing the materials for investigative purposes, “pending completion of the peculiar master’s reappraisal oregon further Court order.”

But a sheet of 3 judges connected the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals connected Sept. 21 unanimously overturned parts of Cannon’s ruling to let the DOJ to regain entree to documents that bore classified markings seized successful the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, of which determination were astir 100.

The panel’s ruling was successful effect to a question for a partial enactment from the government. The sheet determined that Cannon “likely erred” successful her order to temporarily artifact the DOJ from utilizing classified records successful its transgression probe and to necessitate it to taxable the documents marked classified to a peculiar maestro for review. Its ruling meant that the DOJ tin present rely on the materials marked classified taken successful the FBI raid arsenic portion of its investigation; including successful referring to the materials for witnesser interviews, oregon successful presenting charges to a expansive jury.

On Sept. 22, Cannon blocked the peculiar master from viewing the documents taken from Mar-a-Lago that were marked classified.

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