Dolly Parton’s longtime home sells after 12 years on the market

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Dolly Parton’s longtime Tennessee location wherever she lived with her husband, Carl Dean, arsenic she changeable to stardom softly sold for $849,000 aft spending years connected the market, The Post has learned.

The brace purchased the four-bedroom, two-bathroom Nashville spot successful 1980 for $50,000 — oregon astir $190,400 successful today’s dollars.

They aboriginal sold the location 16 years later, successful 1996, for $140,000, which equals immoderate $269,000 today.

Since 2010, the location has gone connected and disconnected the marketplace from the aforesaid owners who purchased the location from Parton and Dean. It archetypal listed for $359,000.

Over the adjacent respective years, it saw respective terms cuts. Following the competitory lodging marketplace and inflation, the location yet sold connected Dec. 22, 2021.

It appears the outdated quality of the location whitethorn person contributed to its clip spent connected the market.

This marks the 2nd proprietor since the singer, histrion and philanthropist moved out.

The location  spans 4,795 quadrate  feet. The location spans 4,795 quadrate feet. Action Homes
The kitchen. The kitchen. Action Homes
The surviving  area.The surviving area. Action Homes
The amusement  room.The detached workplace and amusement room. Action Homes
The superior   bedroom.The superior bedroom. Action Homes
The superior   bathroom. The superior bathroom. Action Homes

During her clip successful the home, Parton was already known for her songs “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You,” which Elvis Presley showed involvement successful wanting to record, and Parton herself was funny successful moving with Presley. But erstwhile his manager, Col. Tom Parker, told her it would beryllium modular process to motion implicit fractional of her publishing rights to immoderate opus recorded by Presley, Parton refused. This led her to nett millions of dollars successful royalties from the opus implicit the years.

When Parton archetypal moved into the location successful 1980, her taxable opus for the diagnostic movie “9 to 5,” not lone reached No. 1 connected the state illustration — but besides connected the popular and adult-contemporary charts.

Spanning 4,795 quadrate feet, the spot is situated connected 2.4 acres of land.

Dubbed a “unique two-story home,” the upstairs of the location had been a palmy “owner-occupied Bed n Breakfast named ‘Dolly’s Getaway,’ ” according to the erstwhile listing.

There is besides a abstracted impermanent location and a detached workplace utilized for an online business.

One of 4  bedrooms.One of 4 bedrooms. Action Homes
Another bedroom.Another bedroom. Action Homes
The impermanent  house.The impermanent house. Action Homes
The stairs starring  down   to the backyard.The stairs starring down to the backyard. Action Homes
The spot   is situated connected  2.4 acres.The spot is situated connected 2.4 acres. Action Homes

“Pictures taken anterior to online concern and aft Bed n Breakfast closed,” the listing adds.

Donna Brewer of Action Homes held the listing.

Meanwhile, portion Parton and her hubby of 56 years were surviving successful the reasonably humble home, they were gathering their “dream home” successful Brentwood lone 20 minutes distant — despite not having the finances to bash truthful yet.

“My hubby Carl and maine was dreamin’ fools astir a house,” she said successful an interrogation she gave for the publication “Dolly connected Dolly.” “Every twelvemonth we’d thrust down to Mississippi for our day with this aged camera and we’d instrumentality pictures of parts of the Southern mansions we liked. A structure here, a pillar there. Then we’d instrumentality ’em location and look astatine ’em existent hard, puttin’ it each unneurotic successful our minds.”

Dolly Parton archetypal  met her hubby  erstwhile   she was 18 and helium  was 21, arsenic  the vocalist  said the 2  inactive  marque   clip  for day  nights.Dolly Parton archetypal met her hubby erstwhile she was 18 and helium was 21, arsenic the vocalist said the 2 inactive marque clip for day nights.Instagram: dollyparton

“I knew that location earlier it was built and I built it agelong earlier we could spend it ’cause I knew we’d beryllium capable to — someday,” she said. “I scouted each implicit Tennessee for a portion of onshore with hills successful beforehand and a watercourse astir it,” she said.

“It’s got a bitty bridge, and I made definite it’s conscionable constrictive capable so’s nary circuit autobus tin git implicit it. Carl and maine tin locomotion astir stark bare determination and nobody’d see. We person chickens and cows and a rootlike garden. It’s a quiet, homey spot for maine and the peculiar radical successful my life.”

Her existent home/farm spans implicit 8,100 quadrate feet and is situated connected implicit 62 acres of land.

Over the years they installed a bath house, a gazebo, a swimming excavation and tennis courts, according to improvement records obtained by The Post.