Dolphins falling apart as players ‘do not trust’ Brian Flores

11 months ago 150

Things are getting tense for the Dolphins and caput manager Brian Flores, according to a study from CBS Sports.

The squad is connected the heels of a five-game losing streak, with a nonaccomplishment successful London to the Jaguars accelerating the issue, per CBS. Owner Stephen Ross is reportedly becoming acrophobic astir the absorption of the team.

“There is inactive excessively overmuch of that New England (stuff) going on,” a root told CBS. “It conscionable doesn’t work. There is simply a science to handling players and gathering a team, and you person to beryllium capable to link and motivate. That’s not the vibe there. It’s beauteous bad.”

Some of the vexation revolves astir the attraction of Tua Tagovailoa, who has been successful and retired of the starting job. The Dolphins person been linked to Texans backmost Deshaun Watson successful commercialized talks — if that happens, they would presumably effort to crook astir and commercialized Tagovailoa. According to CBS, radical adjacent to Tagovailoa judge he’s not been embraced afloat by the staff, and unit issues with the discourtesy person resulted successful him being enactment successful a pugnacious presumption to succeed.

“There is simply a truly antagonistic vibe down determination close now,” a root told CBS. “A batch of players bash not spot (Flores). Flo thinks he’s a player’s coach, with an open-door policy, but I cognize a fig of players who would archer you they don’t truly deliberation helium is approachable oregon flexible.”

Dolphins Brian Flores, Tua TagovailoaDolphins caput manager Brian Flores (l.) and backmost Tua Tagovailoa.AP

Things person gotten progressively downhill for Miami since a Week 1 triumph astatine New England. Handing the Jaguars their archetypal triumph of the play past week was the nadir for a squad that won 10 games past season.

Tagovailoa did play successful that one, going 33-for-47 for 329 yards and 2 touchdowns, aft missing 3 games with fractured ribs.

“I don’t truly get into rumors — Tua is our quarterback,” Flores said erstwhile asked astir the Watson rumors, per ESPN. “We’re blessed with our quarterback, our backmost situation. I’ll permission it astatine that, which I’ve said aggregate times.”