Don't Waste Leftover Vanilla Beans on Sugar

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I don’t cognize if it’s the rain, the wind, oregon the information that Bake-Off is back, but I’ve precocious been struggling with the impulse to bake. This has led to maine really making precisely 1 batch of potato spot cookies, yes, but it’s mostly translated into maine reading astir baking. Most of that penning has been by Stella “The Bravetart” Parks, of Serious Eats.

It is intolerable to work a Parks nonfiction and not travel distant with a caller knowing of not lone however to bash something, but why you bash it that way. The aforesaid tin beryllium said of her tweets passim the years, specified arsenic this one:

Tossing a spent vanilla legume successful a jar of sweetener is an old, oft-suggested “hack” with a elemental premise: After scraping retired the innards of a pricey vanilla bean, you flip the bare pod into a instrumentality with immoderate sugar, and the sweetener volition “absorb” the vanilla flavor.

This is, arsenic Parks points retired successful her tweet, axenic folly. Solid, crystalized sweetener is incapable to extract water-soluble (or ethanol-soluble) compounds. The instrumentality of sweetener volition emit a beauteous vanilla aroma erstwhile you unfastened it up, but the sweetener crystals won’t person immoderate vanilla flavor.

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If you privation to marque existent vanilla sugar, you’ll person to premix the innards of the legume with immoderate sucrose (a nutrient processor tin assistance administer the gooey seeds). And if you privation to extract spirit from a scraped-out pod, you’ll person to get immoderate dairy, oregon water, oregon intoxicant involved.

Parks has many suggestions for what to bash with these aromatic husks instead, but my accustomed spent pod mitigation strategy is to marque vanilla fernet, which involves pouring amaro implicit the bare legume and letting it beryllium for a week oregon two. Whatever you do, marque definite to get liquid involved; vanilla beans—even bare ones—are acold excessively precious to discarded connected thing that is simply scented, nevertheless pleasingly.