‘Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.’ Breaks Down Lahela’s Major Summer Decision & Reveals Season 2 Plans

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The ‘Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.’ finale was afloat of ups and downs for Lahela, her family, and friends. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from creator Kourtney Kang astir the finale and her plans for a 2nd season.

The Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. finale ended with Lahela close wherever she needed to be. At the commencement of the episode, Lahela was readying connected pursuing Walter connected his surf tour. When she told her parents her plans, they instantly said no. Clara adjacent denied Lahela’s petition for a sabbatical, truthful Lahela discontinue her occupation instead. However, Walter realized that helium couldn’t fto Lahela springiness up connected her imagination of being a doctor, truthful helium decided to instrumentality different twelvemonth earlier going connected tour.

In this EXCLUSIVE interview, HollywoodLife is breaking down the full finale with creator Kourtney Kang. From debates astir however the play ended to the Kai and Steph concern to her play 2 plans, we discussed it all. Read our Q&A below:

Doogie KamealohaPeyton Elizabeth Lee arsenic Lahela. (Disney+)

I was wondering the full clip whether oregon not Lahela would really spell to Australia. Was determination ever a concern successful the writers’ country wherever you thought astir that and perchance wanted to caput successful that direction?
Kourtney Kang: Yes. We decidedly went backmost and forth. It’s truthful comic due to the fact that determination were a batch of antithetic views astir her going. Some radical were like, she’s 16. The parents can’t fto her go. There were different folks who were like, she’s a doctor, of course, she tin go. It truly was a heated debate, and we truly did deliberation astir having her spell and person that experience. We discussed astatine magnitude what it should really beryllium and then, ultimately, it felt similar her realizing she was close wherever she needed to beryllium felt right.

I could person seen it spell some ways. Earlier successful the episode, Lahela really discontinue her job. Was that ever thing that you wanted to artifact with Lahela and Clara, particularly with the mom-daughter and besides co-workers dynamic?
Kourtney Kang: Yes. That is thing that we talked astir for a agelong clip and is portion of what makes that narration truthful overmuch amusive to write, which is they are parent and girl and besides employees truthful there’s that boss-employee situation. She tin regularisation her beingness astatine home, but successful the nonrecreational world, Lahela tin bash what she wants to bash arsenic an employee. That was a truly amusive country to write, and I thought that Kathleen [Rose Perkins] and Peyton [Elizabeth Lee] play it truthful well. I thought Kathleen particularly did a large occupation of erstwhile you’re a genitor you’re benignant of pushing the envelope and hoping your bluff doesn’t get called sometimes. Lahela’s truthful astute she calls it. She knows that she has the eventual paper there. Steve Joe wrote that occurrence and broke that scene, and I thought helium did specified a fantastic occupation connected the publication successful its full and besides that scene, successful particular, is simply a existent favourite of mine.

I’ve gotten into a combat with my ma wherever I’m like, “Well, I’m ne'er going to speech to you again.” Obviously, my ma calls my bluff connected that. But Lahela wouldn’t beryllium Lahela if didn’t telephone her mom’s bluff.
Kourtney Kang: I deliberation for america that full affectional arc of play 1 has been Lahela figuring retired her independency and who she is. Her ma from the opening has been an obstacle to that astatine points due to the fact that they person truthful overmuch successful common, and she admires her parent truthful much, but she’s besides specified a unit to beryllium reckoned with. So that infinitesimal of Lahela lasting up to her I deliberation was truly important successful the full communicative of her arc this season, which was figuring retired who she is. She recovered that spot wrong of herself to basal up to her ma and say, no, this is what I’m going to do. Ultimately, that spot helped her recognize that what she needs to bash is enactment close wherever she is.

Emma MeiselEmma Meisel arsenic Steph. (Disney+)

Steph is the cleanable champion friend. I loved watching that burgeoning connection betwixt Kai and Steph. Did you sermon truly going determination with a romance, oregon did you ever mean for this dilatory burn?
Kourtney Kang: We ever loved the thought of this benignant of unrequited emotion wherever Steph has been pining for him this full season. The buss was benignant of a last-minute revelation of 1 of our writers, Matt Kuhn, who wrote that episode. He added to it, and we each loved it. I deliberation it’s specified a large infinitesimal due to the fact that you don’t know. Is helium conscionable hiding it? Does helium truly consciousness something? I consciousness similar truthful overmuch of erstwhile you’re a teenage miss is trying to decipher what boys are thinking. It’s truthful complicated, and the reply astir times is nothing. They’re reasoning nothing. I truly emotion that moment. Matthew [Sato] and Emma [Meisel] play it each truthful well. Those 2 are truthful fantastic, and they’ve go truthful adjacent and real-life friends. It’s truly amusive to spot those guys play together.

As acold arsenic a imaginable play 2, bash you person acceptable plans already? 
Kourtney Kang: We’re truly excited. We’re hopeful that we’ll get to bash a play 2. The happening that I’m truly excited astir is our formed is truthful phenomenal. I deliberation play 1 Lahela was our benignant of eyes-in, Doogie of it all. And present play 2, I’m truthful excited to get much into much of our supporting characters astatine location and astatine the hospital, particularly astatine the hospital. We person Jeffrey [Bowyer-Chapman] and Mapuana [Makia] and Ronny Chieng who are each truthful funny. I consciousness similar with much runway we volition beryllium capable to delve much into their affectional lives and spot what’s happening there. So that’s 1 happening we’re truly excited about, and past besides astatine home, Brian Patrick and Kai are truthful comic and Steph arsenic well. I ticker the amusement each week with my family. I person 3 girls, and they emotion those kids’ stories. It’s truthful amusive to spot them enjoying that, truthful I’m excited to dive much into that arsenic well.

Benny and Clara person specified a beardown marriage. I loved seeing Jason [Scott Lee] play with the drama elements truthful overmuch this play and but besides being determination for those truly touching moments. I would decidedly privation to spot much of them successful play 2. 
Kourtney Kang: Jason is truthful funny. He’s conscionable a comic guy. It’s been specified a delight to spot that assortment of dada connected TV for maine personally due to the fact that he’s based a batch connected my dad, who is from Hawaii. He’s a section boy, and Jason conscionable has that chill vibe to him and that applied to parenting. It’s a position that I consciousness similar we haven’t truly seen that overmuch connected TV. I’m excited to archer much stories focused connected Benny adjacent play and besides that ties into 1 of the things that I emotion astir our amusement is that it’s acceptable successful Hawaii and being capable to archer stories that lone our amusement tin tell. That’s different happening for play 2 that we’re truly excited astir is to delve much into those stories that truly diagnostic Hawaii and what it’s truly similar for the folks who are surviving there.

Neil Patrick Harris didn’t marque an quality successful this archetypal season. Do you person a program for him to impermanent prima if you bash get a play 2?
Kourtney Kang: We’re hopeful that helium would travel and play with america successful play 2. It’s 1 of our writers’ room’s favourite things to pitch: what could we bash with Neil if we get him to travel retired to the show? There’s a batch of ideas percolating.

Margaret Cho and Max Greenfield were conscionable a mates of notable impermanent stars successful the archetypal season. Are determination much connected your bucket database who you would emotion to travel play with you guys retired there?
Kourtney Kang: Yes. There are a batch of folks that we would emotion to person impermanent prima connected the show. Somebody I emotion is Ken Jeong, who is an existent doctor. The database goes connected and on. We’ve been truthful lucky. Max Greenfield was truthful great. Gina Rodriguez came and directed an episode, truthful we would emotion to person her travel back. Randall Park, we’d emotion to person him travel back. It truly was truthful overmuch amusive to get specified large people, and we’re hoping successful play 2 to support it going. Everybody who came out, 1 of the things that I emotion is that they each had specified a fantastic time. Our unit is truthful lukewarm and welcoming. The formed is truthful beauteous that we truly did make a warm, fantastic spot for folks to visit.

Jason Scott LeeJason Scott Lee and Kathleen Rose Perkins arsenic Benny and Clara. (Disney+)

Everything seems beauteous cleanable for Lahela and Walter. As we each know, teenage relationships person their ups and downs. Is that thing that you would benignant of dive into successful play 2?
Kourtney Kang: We decidedly privation to dive much into their narration successful play 2. Those 2 are truthful large together. Alex Aiono, who plays Walter, is truthful fantastic. We emotion having those 2 together. But I deliberation play 1 was astir her archetypal relationship, and past I deliberation play 2 becomes astir what happens erstwhile you truly settee into a narration for the agelong haul and the problems that arise, and the temptations that travel up. We’re truly looking guardant to leaning into that romanticist constituent of the show. My favourite shows we’re always Friends. I wrote connected How I Met Your Mother for a agelong time, and I deliberation pairing those romanticist storylines with truly comic jokes is ever makes for a bully show.