‘Double Shot At Love’ Preview: Claudelia Fears That She & Vinny Aren’t ‘On The Same Page’

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Exclusive Video

October 21, 2021 12:45PM EDT

Claudelia Zarate is excited erstwhile Vinny Guadagnino pulls her speech for one-on-one clip successful this ‘Double Shot astatine Love’ sneak peek — but she leaves the speech second-guessing their relationship.

Vinny Guadagnino is securing his connections connected the upcoming Oct. 21 occurrence of Double Shot astatine Love, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek. During a excavation enactment with the ladies, Vinny pulls Claudelia Zarate speech to talk. “I haven’t had a accidental to speech to Claudelia successful a while,” Vinny explains. “I similar Claudelia a lot. I’m not definite if it’s arsenic beardown arsenic the connections I person with the others, but determination is thing there.”

Claudelia is thrilled astir the one-on-one time, particularly since it comes amidst play betwixt the women successful the house. “I yet get immoderate clip with Vinny,” she gushes. “I americium present for him and I wanna get to cognize him and I’m not going to bash that successful a location afloat of girls erstwhile I don’t spot him each azygous time of each minute.” Claudelia tells Vinny that she’s excited to halt dealing with the play and “get to cognize each other.”

vinny guadagninoVinny Guadagnino connected the Oct. 21 occurrence of ‘Double Shot astatine Love.’ (MTV)

However, Vinny is funny successful knowing what’s going connected betwixt the ladies. “How are you with the part and cliques and each that stuff?” helium asks. “What bash you consciousness astir that? I don’t cognize if you person immoderate proposal oregon penetration for maine from being successful the location astir radical oregon anything?” Claudelia isn’t having it. “I’m not present to discarded clip talking astir different girls during our conversation,” she tells Vinny. “I don’t privation you to deliberation I’m conscionable present for fun. I’m present for you.”

claudelia zarateClaudelia Zarate’s ‘Double Shot astatine Love’ promo pic. (MTV)

The speech fundamentally ends there, arsenic Claudelia and Vinny awkwardly hug earlier going their abstracted ways. In her confessional, Claudelia rants astir wherefore she’s upset implicit what went down. “I don’t privation to speech astir girls successful the suite erstwhile I’m virtually having a speech astir maine and [him],” she explains. “That rubbed maine super, ace wrong. I conscionable consciousness similar aft that speech we had, we’re not connected the aforesaid page.”

We’ll person to hold and spot however this turns retired for Vinny and Claudelia! Double Shot astatine Love airs connected Thursdays astatine 9:00 p.m. connected MTV following Floribama Shore.