Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Dogma, Media Fearmongering, and ‘Mass Formation’ Hypnosis of Society | PART 1

1 week ago 132

“The wide is formed astir the thought that the vaccines are magically going to beryllium capable to relieve them of this problem.”

In this two-part episode, we beryllium down again with Dr. Robert Malone, who pioneered the mRNA vaccine exertion that’s utilized successful galore of the COVID-19 vaccines today. We sermon his vocation and look further into the intriguing intelligence improvement known arsenic “mass formation.”

We besides excavation into however COVID vaccines are faring against Omicron, however the word “herd immunity” has been grossly misunderstood, and the dangers of mandating vaccines for children.

“I whitethorn beryllium 1 of the precise fewer that has this extent of knowing of the exertion that doesn’t person a nonstop fiscal struggle of interest. If I’m not allowed to talk astir my concerns—whether they’re close oregon wrong—who is?”

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