Drag queen featured in Marco Rubio campaign ad calls him a bigot

3 months ago 24

A resistance queen called the Florida legislator Marco Rubio a bigot, aft the Republican included her successful a run advertisement successful which helium attacked “the extremist left”.

Lil Miss Hot Mess, who performs successful Los Angeles, responded to Rubio successful a video aft helium utilized footage of her speechmaking to children during Drag Queen Story Hour, a children’s programme that started successful 2015.

“I person 1 question for Marco Rubio,” Lil Miss Hot Mess said successful the video released by Glaad, an LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

“Why are you truthful obsessed with maine and Drag Story Hour? We’re simply retired present speechmaking books to children, encouraging them to usage their imaginativeness to envision a much conscionable and fabulous world.

“You, connected the different hand, are retired present during a hurricane that is pummeling your authorities spreading hateful, homophobic and transphobic bigotry.

“We could beryllium addressing the devastating impacts of clime change, the devastating epidemic of weapon unit successful our schools, the devastating system that isn’t moving for moving people.”

Rubio’s advertisement is portion of his run against his challenger successful adjacent month’s midterm elections, the existent congresswoman Val Demings. In polling, Rubio leads by much than 4.5 points.

“The extremist near volition destruct America if we don’t halt them,” Rubio says successful the ad. “They indoctrinate children and effort to crook boys into girls.”

Rubio has targeted resistance performers before. In June, helium sent a letter to the caput of the aerial force, Frank Kendall, urging him to cancel a Drag Queen Story Time lawsuit for children of work members astatine the Ramstein aerial unit basal successful Germany.

“It is wholly insane for Ramstein AFB to usage on-installation resources for rituals similar Drag Queen Story Time,” Rubio said. “These inappropriate events are highly divisive astatine location for bully reason; successful each cases, they spot young children successful adjacent proximity with adults who are intentionally and explicitly sexualized.

“As I anticipation you tin agree, decisions implicit children and their bodies should beryllium near to moms and dads serving our nation, not mediated done publically funded propaganda connected US aerial unit bases.”

The lawsuit was canceled.

In his letter, Rubio besides referred to a children’s book written by Lil Miss Hot Mess, The Hips connected the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.

In the video released by Glaad, Lil Miss Hot Mess told Rubio: “At the extremity of the time you enactment for america and fto maine archer you, dear, it’s not working. These are immoderate large shoes to capable and that’s thing that we queens cognize a happening oregon 2 about.

“And I conscionable privation to accidental to you that you tin either basal up for those of america who merit justness and rights successful this country, oregon you tin basal retired of our mode due to the fact that we are present to dispersed joy, justness and a much fabulous future.”