Duran Duran on ‘Future Past’ and partying with ‘Queen Elizabeth’ for 40th anniversary

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Partying with everyone from Lady Gaga, Elton John and Daniel Craig to Kim Kardashian, Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II, Duran Duran holds the day bash to extremity each day bashes successful solemnisation of 40 years successful music.

The festivities spell down successful the video for the band’s latest single, aptly titled “Anniversary.” But if you’re wondering conscionable however they got the queen to bash a radical selfie astatine this shindig, well, it’s due to the fact that they utilized personage lookalikes successful the clip, which was released 3 days earlier Duran Duran’s 15th workplace album, “Future Past,” arrived connected Friday.

“We thought it mightiness beryllium interesting, arsenic the opus is each astir celebration, to person a large enactment [and] to capable it with celebrated people,” keyboardist and founding subordinate Nick Rhodes, 59, told The Post.

Duran DuranDuran Duran performed astatine Global Citizen Live successful London successful September.Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/Shutter

“And since celebrated radical ever get booked up and tin ne'er hold connected the aforesaid date, the thought really came up speaking to Alison [Jackson, the director] saying, ‘Wouldn’t it beryllium amusive to bash a spoof connected 1 of the top parties ever, but with tons and tons of lookalikes?’ So we went to this rather bonzer castle called Belvoir Castle successful the UK, and each these lookalikes turned up. It was astonishing watching them being transformed.”

Duran Duran surely has bully crushed to person a soiree with the stars: It’s been 40 years since the group’s self-titled debut — featuring the synth-pop classical “Girls connected Film” — was released connected July 13, 1981.

A country   from Duran Duran's "Anniversary" videoCelebrity lookalikes for Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga and Vladimir Putin are featured successful the “Anniversary” video.

“A fewer years ago, erstwhile we got this day happening successful our sights, our manager was getting rather excited [because] determination was an accidental to bash each these sorts of things to celebrate,” said bassist John Taylor, 61, different founding member. “And arsenic we got person to it, we were each like, ‘Hmmm, is it truly thing that we wanna leap up and down to the satellite about?’ But astatine 1 constituent we thought, ‘How astir a opus called ‘Anniversary’?”

Of course, Duran Duran has ever been connected apical of its video game. After making their debut, they went connected to go the poster boys for MTV, with classical clips specified arsenic “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “The Wild Boys” and “A View to a Kill.”

Duran Duran successful  1981Duran Duran released its self-titled debut medium successful 1981.Getty Images

But it wasn’t each amusive and games erstwhile Duran Duran shot the iconic video for 1982’s “Rio” connected the Eilean yacht successful the Caribbean. “Simon [Le Bon, pb singer] was an experienced yachtsman, but the remainder of america were clueless,” said Taylor.

“And the top illustration of cluelessness is that changeable wherever you spot maine really kicking Andy Taylor implicit the borderline of the boat, reasoning I was being funny, reasoning that it wasn’t a large woody astatine all. And arsenic it happened, Andy conscionable grabbed ahold of the tender, which is the small vessel that benignant of is tied connected to the backmost of the yacht. He wasn’t blessed astir it — and rightfully so. He’s inactive got resentment against maine implicit that, inactive to this day.”

The screen  of Duran Duran's "Future Past"Duran Duran released its 15th workplace album, “Future Past,” connected Oct. 22, 2021.

Looking backmost connected Duran Duran’s debut medium 40 years ago, Rhodes said, “I deliberation of our closeness increasing up unneurotic arsenic teenagers with a imaginativeness and immense ambition to bash thing special, to bash thing singular with our lives. But of people we were truthful young and naive that determination was nary program B. So it was bully that it worked.”

As for their concealed to inactive making it enactment 4 decades later, Taylor said, “I benignant of consciousness similar if we were to interruption the set up tomorrow, each of our hairsbreadth would autumn retired the adjacent day!”