Dutch Forensic Lab Says It Has Decoded Tesla’s Driving Data

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LONDON—The Dutch government’s forensic laboratory said connected Thursday it had decrypted electrical carmaker Tesla Inc’s intimately guarded driving data-storage system, uncovering a wealthiness of accusation that could beryllium utilized to analyse superior accidents.

It was already known that Tesla cars store information from accidents, but the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) said it had discovered acold much information than investigators had antecedently been alert of.

The NFI said the decrypted information showed Tesla vehicles store accusation astir the cognition of its operator assistance system, known arsenic Autopilot. The vehicles besides grounds speed, accelerator pedal position, steering instrumentality angle, and brake usage, and depending connected however the conveyance is used, that information tin beryllium stored for implicit a year.

“These information incorporate a wealthiness of accusation for forensic investigators and postulation mishap analysts and tin assistance with a transgression probe aft a fatal postulation mishap oregon an mishap with injury,” Francis Hoogendijk, a integer researcher astatine the NFI, said successful a statement.

Tesla did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

The Dutch laboratory said alternatively than question the information from Tesla, it had “reverse engineered” information logs—a process wherever bundle is deconstructed to extract information—present successful Tesla vehicles “in bid to objectively analyse them.”

‘Who Is Responsible?’

The NFI investigated a collision involving a Tesla operator utilizing Autopilot and a car successful beforehand of it that abruptly braked hard.

The probe showed the Tesla operator reacted wrong the expected effect clip to a informing to resume power of the car, but the collision occurred due to the fact that the Tesla was pursuing the different conveyance excessively intimately successful engaged traffic.

“That makes it interesting, due to the fact that who is liable for the pursuing distance: the car oregon the driver?” said NFI researcher Aart Spek.

The NFI said Tesla encrypts its coded driving information to support its exertion unafraid from different manufacturers and support operator privacy. Car owners tin petition their data, including camera footage, successful the lawsuit of an accident.

Earlier this year, Tesla said it had established a tract successful China to store car information locally, arsenic automakers came nether increasing scrutiny implicit however they grip accusation collected by conveyance cameras and sensors.

Decryption Revealed More Data

The NFI recovered that Tesla had complied with information requests from the Dutch authorities, but near retired a batch of information that could person proven useful.

“Tesla nevertheless lone supplies a circumstantial subset of signals, lone the ones requested, for a circumstantial timeframe, whereas the log files incorporate each the recorded signals,” the NFI’s study said.

By decrypting Tesla’s code, the NFI present knows much astir what benignant of information the carmaker is storing and for however long, allowing for much elaborate information requests, Hoogendijk said.

“You cannot assertion what you bash not know, truthful it’s adjuvant that we present cognize what other is being stored,” helium said.

Hoogendijk added this besides applies to different carmakers, arsenic investigators simply bash not cognize however overmuch and what benignant of information manufacturers store and for however long.

Tesla has distant entree to the data, the laboratory said, which is periodically uploaded from cars and utilized by the institution for merchandise improvements oregon to hole malfunctions.

The NFI said it had obtained information from Tesla models S, Y, X, and the mass-market Model 3 and shared the results astatine a league of the European Association for Accident Research truthful that different mishap analysts tin usage it.

In August, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened a ceremonial information probe into Tesla’s Autopilot strategy successful 765,000 U.S. vehicles aft a bid of crashes involving Tesla models and exigency vehicles.

To date, NHTSA has identified 12 crashes that progressive Tesla vehicles utilizing the precocious driver-assistance systems and exigency vehicles. NHTSA said astir of the incidents took spot aft dark.

By Nick Carey