Dwayne Johnson Reveals Whether He’s Running for President: ‘Off the Table’

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Actor and erstwhile WWE prima Dwayne Johnson revealed that helium doesn’t privation to tally for president successful 2024.

“It’s disconnected the table. Yes. It is disconnected the table,” Johnson stressed to CBS News successful an interrogation airing Oct. 9, adding that “I emotion our state and everyone successful it. I besides emotion being a daddy.

“Because I cognize what it was similar to beryllium connected the roadworthy and beryllium truthful engaged that I was absent for a batch of years successful my archetypal daughter’s increasing up successful this captious property and astatine this captious clip successful her life,” Johnson, 50, continued successful the CBS News interview.

For years, Johnson has publically floated moving for president. In 2017, helium said it would beryllium a “real possibility” to motorboat a bid for the nation’s highest bureau and besides said helium wasn’t ruling retired campaigning past year.

“I would see a statesmanlike tally successful the aboriginal if that’s what the radical wanted,” Johnson told USA Today successful 2021.

“You know, astatine the extremity of the day, I don’t cognize the archetypal happening astir politics,” Johnson added successful 2021. “I don’t cognize the archetypal happening astir argumentation … I whitethorn person immoderate decent enactment qualities, but that doesn’t needfully marque maine a large statesmanlike candidate. That’s wherever I americium today.”

But Johnson, who endorsed Democrat Joe Biden successful the 2020 White House race, again stressed successful the Thursday interrogation that helium is focused connected his family.


His remark comes amid speculation connected whether Biden, who is acceptable to crook 80 adjacent month, volition again tally for president successful 2024.

“Look, if I were to accidental to you I’m moving again, each of a sudden, a full scope of things travel into play that I have, requirements I person to alteration and determination and bash successful presumption of predetermination laws,” Biden said successful an interrogation with “60 Minutes” that aired past month.

Biden stressed that it is “much excessively aboriginal to marque that benignant of decision” and that “I’m a large respecter of fate.”

“And so, what I’m doing is I’m doing my job. I’m gonna bash that job. And wrong the timeframe that makes consciousness aft this adjacent predetermination rhythm here, going into adjacent year, marque a judgement connected what to do,” helium said.

In August, White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre asserted told reporters that Biden, the oldest idiosyncratic to ever beryllium president, would tally again successful 2 years.

Jack Phillips


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