Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson vows to stop using real guns on film sets after Baldwin shooting

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Hollywood enactment prima Dwayne Johnson, known arsenic The Rock, has promised to not usage existent guns successful his movies anymore aft a fatal shooting incidental involving histrion Alec Baldwin connected a movie acceptable successful New Mexico past month.

Johnson, who was successful Los Angeles attending the satellite premiere of his caller Netflix blockbuster, Red Notice, with co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, said connected Wednesday films made by his company, Seven Buck Productions, would “not usage existent guns ever again”.

“I was heartbroken,” Johnson said, speaking to Variety astatine the premiere. “We mislaid a life. My bosom goes retired to her household and everybody connected set. I’ve known Alec, too, for a precise agelong time.”

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed connected 21 October connected the acceptable of Rust erstwhile a weapon Baldwin was holding released a unrecorded bullet, constabulary said.

Baldwin had been told that the weapon was “cold,” an manufacture word meaning it was harmless to use.

A lawyer for the armorer who oversaw weapons utilized connected the Rust movie acceptable suggested connected Wednesday that idiosyncratic deliberately enactment a unrecorded circular into the weapon utilized by Baldwin.

Jason Bowles said his client, Hannah Gutierrez, had pulled ammunition from a container that she believed contained lone dummy rounds that were incapable of firing. He said helium thought it was imaginable that idiosyncratic purposely placed existent bullets, which look akin to dummies, into the box.

“We’re acrophobic that could person been what happened here, that idiosyncratic intended to sabotage this acceptable with a unrecorded circular intentionally placed successful a container of dummies,” Bowles said connected ABC television’s Good Morning America.

“We’re not saying anybody had immoderate intent determination was going to beryllium a calamity of homicide,” helium added, “but they wanted to bash thing to origin a information incidental connected set. That’s what we judge happened.”

A spokeswoman for the producers, Rust Movie Productions, had nary remark connected Bowles’s remarks. The institution has said it is investigating the incidental and had received nary authoritative complaints astir information connected the acceptable successful Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Local authorities are investigating the substance and nary charges person been filed against anyone involved.

The incidental has reignited interest astir the usage of prop guns similar the limb Baldwin discharged.