‘Dynasty’ star John James to play Joe Biden in film on son Hunter

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Now he’s onto a antithetic benignant of dynasty.

“Dynasty” histrion John James has been tapped to play President Joe Biden successful the upcoming Hunter Biden movie “My Son Hunter.”

“The publication has it all. Money, power, greed, sex, drugs and alcohol,” the 65-year-old soap opera prima told the Daily Mail via a 30-second clip announcing his caller role.

For the uninitiated, the arguable biopic is based connected allegations by The Post and different outlets made against the Biden clan up of the 2020 election. The Post ran a communicative astir emails allegedly retrieved from a laptop belonging to the younger Biden, which reportedly disclosed the family’s concern dealings with some China and Ukraine. The exposé was blocked from being shared connected Twitter.

“This is simply a communal communicative of a father’s eventual emotion for his son, contempt his large shortcomings. ‘My Son Hunter’ is an wrong look astatine the satellite of politics,” James said successful the clip.

Actor John James attends the Friars Club Salute To Joan Collins astatine  The Friars Club connected  May 4, 2015 successful  New York City. Actor John James attends the Friars Club Salute To Joan Collins astatine the Friars Club connected May 4, 2015, successful New York City. FilmMagic

“It benignant of reminds maine of ‘Dynasty,'” mused the “Axcellerator” histrion successful a motion to his breakout TV role. James famously played the quality Jeff Colby connected the ABC series, which ran from 1981 to 1989, arsenic good arsenic the short-lived spinoff “The Colbys” from 1985 to 1987.

“My Son Hunter” manager Robert Davi, for one, thought James was the perfect histrion to play the 46th president of the United States.

“I saw successful him a depth, sincerity and an utmost likability which I wanted for the ground of Joe Biden, a antheral who has for 40-plus years been astatine the forefront of American politics,” gushed Davi, known for roles successful bid including “Stargate: Atlantis,” “Profiler” and “Wiseguy.”

Filling the relation of Biden’s arguable progeny, meanwhile, is British histrion and person Laurence Fox. Fox posted a Twitter photograph Monday successful which he’s seen wearing thing but a achromatic loincloth, orangish scarf and sunglasses – successful an evident parody of the photos allegedly recovered connected the machine hard drive.

“Everything is fine. I’m successful a truly bully place,” work the snarky caption.

“I’m particularly excited to beryllium moving with a fantastic actor,” co-star James said of his caller castmate. “We person immoderate absorbing scenes together.”

Davi added, “With John and Laurence, I deliberation audiences volition beryllium riveted by Joe and Hunter’s narration and travel to recognize the dynamics betwixt begetter and son.”

“My Son Hunter” was the brainchild of blimpish Irish husband-and-wife filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, who are presently conducting a crowdfunding run to amass the film’s $1.8 cardinal budget. So far, the fundraiser has managed to garner $1.6 million.

James (second from the right) famously played  Jeff Colby connected  the "Dynasty," which ran from 1981-1989, arsenic  good   arsenic  the short-lived spinoff "The Colbys" from 1985-1987.James (second from the right) famously played Jeff Colby connected “Dynasty” and short-lived spinoff “The Colbys.”Disney General Entertainment Con

McAleer said helium hopes that the task volition assistance exposure the “partying manner and dodgy concern practices” of President Biden’s son, the Daily Mail reported.

“Joe Biden is simply a analyzable character,” the filmmaker explained. “At times helium mumbles and stumbles but helium besides is 1 the longest-serving politicians successful Washington who has go precise affluent during his clip successful nationalist service.”

“My Son Hunter” does not yet person a merchandise date; however, accumulation began successful Serbia this week and volition reportedly past until November.