Ed Sheeran Kisses Wife Cherry Seaborn In Rare PDA Video As He Promotes New Love Song

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October 26, 2021 9:18AM EDT

Ed Sheeran & his woman packed connected the PDA successful a 19-second video played to a snippet of his opus ‘First Times.’ The way is portion of Ed’s upcoming 5th album, retired connected Oct. 29.

It wouldn’t beryllium a caller Ed Sheeran medium without astatine slightest 1 emotion song! The 30-year-old British vocalist has been promoting his upcoming 5th album, =, by releasing “YouTube Short” clips that tease each 14 tracks, including the romanticist tune “First Times.” The 19-second teaser for that opus was released connected Oct. 25 and features Ed packing connected the PDA with his woman of implicit two-and-a-half years, Cherry SeabornWatch the romanticist footage below!

At the commencement of the clip, Ed greets his emotion with a buss arsenic Cherry visits him successful an office. The 2 past prosecute successful immoderate cute PDA arsenic Cherry cuddles up to the superstar vocalist connected a couch. The mates goofs astir together, and astatine 1 constituent Ed pulls the hoodie of Cherry’s tie-die sweatshirt to afloat screen her head. During these romanticist moments, “First Times” plays successful the background.

Cherry is ever supportive of her husband’s euphony endeavors. The brace secretly married successful January 2019, and person since welcomed their archetypal kid together, 1-year-old girl Lyra. Ed happily announced his babe girl’s accomplishment successful Sept. 2020 connected societal media, writing, “Last week, with the assistance of an astonishing transportation team, Cherry gave commencement to our beauteous and steadfast girl — Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. We are wholly successful emotion with her.”

Ed Sheeran & Cherry SeaburnEd Sheeran & Cherry Seaburn (Photo: Beretta/Sims/Shutterstock)

Ed has been ace engaged lately promoting his caller album, which volition beryllium released connected Oct. 29.  The euphony portion features 14 tracks, including his deed singles “Bad Habits” and “Shivers.” Ed was really scheduled to beryllium the philharmonic impermanent for the November 6 occurrence of Saturday Night Live, but those plans person sadly been squashed aft Ed announced helium tested positive for COVID-19 connected Sunday October 24.

When Ed publically revealed his diagnosis, helium noted that he’d unluckily beryllium forced to cancel in-person performances, and helium would effort to bash things remotely. “It means that I’m present incapable to plough up with immoderate successful idiosyncratic commitments for now, truthful I’ll beryllium doing arsenic galore of my planned interviews/performances I tin from my house,” helium said successful an Instagram post.