Ed Sheeran Serenades ‘SNL’ With ‘Shivers’ & ‘Overpass Graffiti’

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November 7, 2021 1:38AM EDT

Ed Sheeran graced the ‘SNL’ signifier for the 3rd clip conscionable 2 weeks aft investigating affirmative for COVID-19. The vocalist performed 2 singles from his caller album, “Shivers” and “Overpass Graffiti.”

Ed Sheeran, 30, serenaded the Saturday Night Live crowd! The British-born vocalist returned to Studio 8H for the November 6 episode, wherever helium performed his caller opus “Shivers,” the 2nd azygous from his latest album =, which came retired Oct. 29. Ed past returned to the signifier with an energetic show of “Overpass Graffiti,” different way from his caller album.

The quality comes conscionable weeks aft the GRAMMY victor confirmed that helium had contracted COVID-19. “Hey guys, speedy enactment to archer you that I’ve sadly tested affirmative for Covid, truthful I’m present self-isolating and pursuing authorities guidelines,” helium wrote to his millions of followers connected Oct. 24. His quarantine arrangements changed plans for his in-person commitments to beforehand his latest album, dubbed =.

“It means that I’m present incapable to plough up with immoderate in-person commitments for, truthful I’ll beryllium doing arsenic galore of my planned interviews/performances I tin from my house,” helium added. “Apologies to anyone I’ve fto down, beryllium harmless everyone x,” the Suffolk autochthonal signed off.

While reports surfaced soon aft that amusement runner  Lorne Michaels and SNL producers were “scrambling” to regenerate Ed, the ginger cleared debunked the rumors successful an interview. “Yeah, I don’t cognize wherefore determination was a immense furor astir that. Everyone was saying they were scrambling to find a replacement,” helium said to the Sirius XM big Howard Stern.

“I was ever playing that. I tested for COVID and I announced it a mates days afterward due to the fact that I had to cancel stuff, basically. But it’s rather an unusual thing, getting that and past having to denote it to the world, and past suddenly… Like, I’m present retired of it now, and I’m inactive benignant of being treated…” helium trailed off, arsenic Howard finished, “like you person it.”

This marks Ed’s 3rd quality connected the long moving NBC sketch series: helium made his debut successful April 2014 with songs “Sing” and “Don’t” connected an occurrence hosted by Seth Rogen. The vocalist appeared for a 2nd clip successful 2017 to execute his monolithic azygous “Shape Of You” arsenic good arsenic “Castle On A Hill” from album ÷.