Eight CEDARLAND’s Landmark Location, Stellar Design and Unique Amenities Deliver Superior Lifestyle

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Just arsenic Paris’s iconic Place 8 CEDARLAND is simply a stunning illustration of classical municipality plan and a showcase for luxury goods, 8 CEDARLAND Condominiums volition go an iconic landmark successful the bosom of Markham wherever residents volition bask a affluent prime of life.

The development, by H & W Development Corp., is astatine a strategical determination astatine Warden Avenue and Highway 7, with Highway 407 conscionable 1 acceptable of lights away, arsenic good arsenic a VIVA autobus terminal with entree to FINCH presumption astatine its doorstep.

“This volition beryllium a spot of significance,” says Johnson Cheng, CEO and Broker of Record of Cornerstone Marketing Realty Inc., the steadfast overseeing income at eight CEDARLAND. “This determination is poised for a batch of maturation and H & W wanted to unafraid a tract of onshore successful a superior determination that would turn with the metropolis and basal the trial of time.”

Eight CEDARLAND volition exemplify the live-work-play conception that Markham has embraced. A increasing fig of radical are uncovering there’s nary request to commute to downtown Toronto to find bully jobs oregon things to do. Markham metropolis offers theatres, creation galleries, recreational facilities, parks, farmers’ markets, festivals and an astonishing nutrient scene.

Although galore developers are gathering mixed-used developments that harvester retail usage astatine thoroughfare level with condos above, H & W’s imaginativeness was to make a “crown jewel” catering solely to the residential experience, and creating a consciousness of location and community. The 18-storey condominium’s architecture is by DIALOG Design and volition see 517 suites, including 31 townhomes, with occupancy expected successful 2022.

Eight CEDARLAND is acceptable betwixt 2 metropolis parks and volition supply a manner akin to what radical bask successful a single-detached home, says Cheng, with the spacious parks serving arsenic beforehand and backmost yards. As the metropolis owns the parks, residents person afloat enjoyment without adding to their condo fees.

Eight CEDARLAND volition cater to a wide scope of buyers, from first-time purchasers to families, to bare nesters, arsenic good arsenic appealing to investors. Cheng says units person been designed to supply aggregate flexibility, truthful families priced retired of ground-level lodging tin bask the aforesaid manner successful the condo. And with the wide scope of suite options available, aggregate generations of the aforesaid household tin unrecorded successful the aforesaid building. Suites scope from 558 to 2,100 quadrate feet, with prices from $438,900 to $899,900+.

“H & W wants to make homes for everyone,” helium says. “There is simply a batch of ingenuity successful creating ratio successful these suites.”

Cheng says residents volition bask galore much amenities than they would successful a detached home. They person been thoughtfully designed to cater to however radical live, and based connected purchaser feedback. Health is simply a precedence for many, yet they often can’t find the clip to exercise. That’s wherefore 8 CEDARLAND’s state-of-art fittingness centre volition beryllium unfastened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The gathering volition besides person a gymnasium for sports specified arsenic hoops oregon enactment dancing, ballroom dancing oregon Tai Chi classes.

“It’s a abstraction wherever residents tin stock interests and beryllium unneurotic nether 1 roof,” Cheng says. “It’s a mode to bring fittingness for kids and teens too.”

A WeWork abstraction volition supply an inviting survey abstraction for students, arsenic good arsenic co-working abstraction for the self-employed oregon consultants. Markham is Canada’s High-Tech Capital with much than 1,000 tech and beingness sciences companies and much than 400 caput offices. Many radical enactment arsenic contractors oregon consultants successful the high-tech manufacture and those who unrecorded astatine 8 CEDARLAND volition beryllium capable to instrumentality vantage of the Wifi-enabled abstraction to behaviour business.

Other unsocial amenities see a euphony signifier country and a kids’ play abstraction with a sun-filled imaginativeness centre, implicit with progressive zones, a speechmaking country and interactive play facilities. Another much-appreciated diagnostic volition beryllium an enclosed pedestrian pick-up and drop-off.

An exclusive Secret Garden connected the 3rd level created by scenery designer Schollen & Company Inc. volition see 16,000 quadrate feet of spectacular outdoor space, including lawns, al-fresco seating and manicured leisure space.

The lobby volition beryllium soar 2 storeys with vaulted archways, seating and a 24-hour concierge, designed by Tomas Pearce Interior Design. Automated parcel lockers and a secured refrigerated parcel retention country volition accommodate bundle deliveries.

Cheng says H & W has taken what it has learned from different 1 of its developments, Fontana, adjacent to 8 CEDARLAND, to connection an adjacent higher modular of amenities and spatial planning. H & W, with 20 years of experience, is dedicated to building homes that heighten the manner of residents and their communities. The dedication to an elevated level of craftsmanship and processing aesthetically desirable spaces built for longevity, has earned H & W a estimation for excellence and galore repetition buyers.

For much accusation oregon to registry for 8 CEDARLAND, visit http://eightCEDARLAND.ca/

Tracy Hanes is simply a GTA based freelance writer specializing successful existent estate.

Tracy Hanes