Elon Musk changes Twitter name to ‘Mr. Tweet’ and now can’t change it back

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Even Twitter boss Elon Musk isn’t supra the societal media platform’s mistakes.

On Wednesday, Musk tweeted that helium changed his sanction to “Mr. Tweet” but was prevented from changing it back.

“Changed my sanction to Mr. Tweet, present Twitter won’t fto maine alteration it back,” Musk wrote successful a station accompanied by a laughing emoji. 

FOX Business has reached retired to Twitter. 

Musk often tweets passim the time astir assorted topics, including authorities and the level itself. 

In caller weeks, helium has released the “Twitter Files” successful a bid of installments of what went connected down the scenes earlier helium acquired the company. 

Elon Musk said helium  changed his Twitter grip  and can't alteration  it back. 
Elon Musk said helium changed his Twitter grip and can’t alteration it back.  Twitter

The Twitter Files person been reported by a rotation of autarkic journalists and writers, who were fixed unprecedented entree to Twitter’s interior archives.