Elon Musk ‘comfortable’ putting Neuralink chip into one of his kids

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Elon Musk revealed this week that helium would beryllium comfy implanting a spot developed by his steadfast Neuralink into 1 of his ain children’s brains if the request arose.

The tech billionaire made assertion portion addressing a question imaginable information concerns for Neuralink devices – some erstwhile they are actively implanted successful a encephalon and during the process of removing the chip.

“If you inquire a question like, successful my opinion, would I beryllium comfy implanting this successful 1 of my kids oregon thing similar that astatine this point, if they’re successful a superior … similar let’s accidental if they broke their neck, would I beryllium comfy doing it? I would,” Musk said during a question-and-answer league astatine a Neuralink event.

“We’re astatine the constituent where, astatine slightest successful my opinion, it would not beryllium dangerous,” Musk added.

Musk has touted the imaginable of Neuralink chips for years to heighten cognitive performance.

During the lawsuit astatine Neuralink office connected Wednesday night, Musk and different institution officials touted the device’s imaginable benefits successful assisting radical who look disabilities, specified arsenic a nonaccomplishment of imaginativeness oregon centrifugal relation oregon successful individuals who person suffered spinal injuries oregon go paralyzed.

 “Even if idiosyncratic has ne'er had vision, ever, similar they were calved blind, we judge we tin inactive reconstruct vision,” Musk said.

The billionaire indicated that helium besides plans to get a Neuralink spot installed successful his ain encephalon successful the future. Musk said Neuralink could statesman quality trials for the devices wrong six months, pending support from the Food and Drug Administration.

NeuralinkElon Musk said helium intends to implant a Neuralink spot successful his ain brain.NurPhoto via Getty Images

“We privation to beryllium highly cautious and definite that it volition enactment good earlier putting a instrumentality into a human,” Musk said.

So far, Neuralink has trailed down Musk’s ambitious timelines for quality use. He initially indicated the steadfast would question FDA support by the extremity of 2020. Last year, Musk said helium hoped to statesman quality trials astatine immoderate constituent successful 2022 – a program that is nary longer feasible.

Neuralink has besides faced crisp disapproval from carnal rights activists implicit its usage of monkeys successful objective testing. Critics alleged successful February that Neuralink had caused “extreme suffering” successful its trial subjects. The institution denied wrongdoing.

Elon MuskMusk is besides CEO of Twitter and Tesla.AP

Musk attended the Neuralink nexus portion juggling his agelong database of different responsibilities, including serving arsenic CEO of Tesla and Twitter.

Earlier this year, Musk caused a disturbance aft revealing that helium had fathered twins with Neuralink enforcement Shivon Zilis. The billionaire has 10 children.

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