Elon Musk’s new ‘Optimus’ robot fails to dazzle during reveal

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Elon Musk’s much-touted droid is simply a dud — astatine slightest compared to the state-of-the-art robots from Boston Dynamics.

Such was the absorption connected Twitter and different societal media aft Musk unveiled Tesla’s “Optimus” prototype connected Friday.

The self-controlled humanoid bot tottered onstage with a halting gait acold little agile than the jaw-dropping robots from Boston Dynamics, which person run, jumped, back-flipped and danced similar visions from “The Matrix” for years.

Optimus walked retired slowly, waved and examined its unusual five-fingered manus and past retreated astatine a likewise glacial place.

“My grandma moves faster,” tweeted Gustavo Fernandez.

“Honestly, Boston Dynamics indispensable beryllium successful hysterics by now,” tweeted James Bareham.

Boston Dynamics’ bots — especially its Atlas — are precise advanced, and tin do more than what Tesla’s instauration tin astatine this point. Its videos featuring complex creation routines and backflips often spell viral.

A "Tesla Bot" humanoid robot prototypeThe robot didn’t look to impressment the online community.Tesla Inc/via REUTERS
Elon Musk presents "Optimus."Elon Musk presents “Optimus.”Tesla/AFP via Getty Images

Musk was undaunted, saying it was the archetypal clip Optimus had taken a stroll without a tether, and they didn’t privation it to “fall connected its face.”

Tesla has been moving connected the robots for just a fewer months, compared with decades astatine Boston Dynamics.

Musk besides noted that Optimus tin bash analyzable tasks and volition beryllium disposable to the nationalist successful arsenic small arsenic 3 to 5 years, for a terms tag of astir $20,000.

The CEO said the quality betwixt Tesla’s plan and different “very awesome humanoid robot demonstrations” is that Optimus is designed for wide production.

His extremity is to spot robots similar Optimus taking implicit mundane tasks and jobs that humans find repetitive and boring.