Elon Musk says Instagram a ‘thirst trap,’ confesses to ‘selfie’ problem

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Elon Musk Elon Musk said helium utilized to person a selfie problem. FULL SEND PODCAST

Elon Musk said Instagram is simply a “next level thirst trap” afloat of charismatic women — and admitted that helium stopped utilizing the photo-sharing app aft helium recovered himself taking excessively galore selfies. 

“I was connected Instagram for a portion but I mean, truthful the occupation is Instagram, man, it’s conscionable a thirst trap, you know?” Musk said connected a Thursday episode of the Full Send podcast. “Instagram is simply a next-level thirst trap.” 

A co-host past asked Musk to clarify, “On the women side, right?” 

“Yeah, yeah, totally,” responded Musk, who has fathered astatine slightest 10 children with 3 antithetic women. “But the happening is I recovered myself taking similar a batch of selfies and s—t and I’m like, what the f—k man. Why americium I doing this?” 

Musk past said that helium realized that helium was wasting his clip with the app and decided to delete his account.

“I’m like, ohio I’m trying to get much likes and bash selfies, I’m not gonna — I gotta stop,” helium said. 

Elon Musk selfieElon Musk utilized to support a nationalist Instagram account. Instagram/Elon Musk
Elon Musk selfie“Instagram, man, it’s conscionable a thirst trap, you know?” Elon Musk said. Twitter/ Elon Musk

Musk said that helium present maintains a “secret Instagram account” that helium uses to look astatine posts.

He prefers utilizing Twitter to pass with the public, helium added.

“Whatever connection I’m trying to get crossed I tin conscionable station connected Twitter,” Musk said.