Elon Musk Says Tesla Semi Truck Finally in Production, Reveals Who’s Getting One First

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the long-awaited electrical Tesla Semi motortruck has yet entered production.

Musk made a statement connected Twitter that deliveries of the conveyance volition beryllium to Pepsi archetypal and would statesman connected Dec. 1.

In a follow-up message, Musk said the electrical motortruck would person a scope of 500 miles and beryllium “super amusive to drive.”

Excited to denote commencement of accumulation of Tesla Semi Truck with deliveries to @Pepsi connected Dec 1st! pic.twitter.com/gq0l73iGRW

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 6, 2022

Musk archetypal unveiled a prototype of the Tesla Semi astatine an lawsuit successful Hawthorne, California, successful 2017, and since then, the conveyance has been successful assorted stages of development.

Tesla initially planned to commencement accumulation of the Semi successful 2019, but those plans suffered repeated delays.

In January 2021, Musk said that each engineering enactment connected the Semi had been completed, but that accumulation was being hampered by supply-chain problems.

“The main crushed we person not accelerated caller products—like, for example, Tesla Semi—is that we simply don’t person capable cells for it,” Musk said during the company’s 2020 fourth-quarter net call.

“If we were to marque the Semi close now, we could easy spell into accumulation with the Semi close now, but we would not person capable cells for it,” helium added.

Tesla said successful its astir caller 2022 second-quarter study (pdf) that the Semi—along with the Roadster and Robotaxi—was inactive successful development.

In precocious August, Tesla’s Instagram relationship shared footage of the Semi being driven connected highways and utilizing the company’s Megacharger.

The Tesla Semi is expected to outgo $180,000, though it would suffice for a taxation interruption of up to $40,000 nether applicable provisions included successful the Inflation Reduction Act (pdf), which see subsidies for commercialized “clean vehicles.”

Besides Pepsi, which volition beryllium the archetypal lawsuit to person the Tesla Semi, different companies person placed reservations connected the vehicle, including UPS and Walmart.

On the aforesaid time Musk announced the accumulation launch, the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley relationship connected Twitter posted footage of the Semi being driven connected a contention track.

Tesla Semi connected a track. Going to beryllium ace amusive to spot these connected the roadworthy changing the trucking industry. @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/IZB7jd4b1T

— Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) October 7, 2022

“It’s going to alteration the trucking manufacture forever,” the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Twitter relationship said successful a post.

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