Elon Musk takes witness stand to defend Tesla buyout tweets

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Elon Musk took the witnesser basal Friday to support a 2018 tweet claiming helium had lined up the financing to take Tesla private successful a woody that ne'er came adjacent to happening.

The tweet resulted successful a $40 cardinal colony with securities regulators. It besides led to a class-action suit alleging helium misled investors, pulling him into tribunal for astir a fractional hr Friday to present sworn grounds successful beforehand of a nine-person assemblage and a afloat country of media and different spectators.

The proceedings was past adjourned for the play and Musk was told to instrumentality Monday to reply much questions.

In his archetypal quality connected the stand, Musk defended his prolific tweeting arsenic "the astir antiauthoritarian way" to administer accusation adjacent portion acknowledging constraints of Twitter's 240-character bounds tin marque it hard to marque everything arsenic wide arsenic possible.

"I deliberation you tin perfectly beryllium truthful (on Twitter)," Musk asserted connected the stand. "But tin you beryllium comprehensive? Of people not."

Elon Musk play  shifts from Twitter to Tesla

Elon Musk play shifts from Twitter to Tesla

The lawsuit is based connected Musk's 2018 tweets astir perchance taking Tesla backstage — prompting a $14B plaything successful banal luck implicit a 10-day period.


Musk's latest headache stems from the inherent brevity connected Twitter, a work that helium has been moving since completing his $44 cardinal acquisition of it successful October.

The proceedings hinges connected the question of whether a brace of tweets that Musk posted connected Aug. 7, 2018, damaged Tesla shareholders during a 10-day play starring up to a Musk admittance that the buyout helium had envisioned wasn't going to happen.

In the archetypal of those those 2 2018 tweets, Musk stated "funding secured" for a what would person been a $72 cardinal buyout of Tesla astatine a clip erstwhile the electrical automaker was inactive grapping with accumulation problems and was worthy acold little than it is now. Musk followed up a fewer hours aboriginal with different tweet suggesting a woody was imminent.

After it became evident that the wealth wasn't successful spot to instrumentality Tesla private, Musk stepped down arsenic Tesla's president portion remaining CEO arsenic portion of the Securities and Exchange Commission settlement, without acknowledging immoderate wrongdoing.

The impulsive billionaire came into tribunal wearing a acheronian suit and necktie connected the 3rd time of the civilian proceedings successful San Francisco that his lawyer unsuccessfully tried to determination to Texas, wherever Tesla is present headquartered, connected the premise that media sum of his tumultuous takeover of Twitter had tainted the assemblage pool.

The assemblage that was assembled earlier this week focused intently connected Musk portion helium answered questions posed by Nicholas Porritt, a lawyer representing Tesla shareholders. At 1 point, Musk asked Porritt if helium would talk person to the microphone truthful helium could perceive him better. At different times, Musk craned his cervix arsenic helium gazed astir the courtroom.

Tesla investors blaming CEO Elon Musk for car   company's worst year

Tesla investors blaming CEO Elon Musk for car company's worst year

Some investors are acrophobic with Musk selling an further $3.6B worthy of Tesla stocks, aft pledging successful April to not merchantability anymore.


Musk, 51, said helium cares "a large deal" astir investors and besides railed against abbreviated sellers who marque investments that reward them erstwhile a company's banal terms falls. He called abbreviated selling an "evil" signifier that should beryllium outlawed, denigrating those who nett from it arsenic "a clump of sharks."

When shown communications from Tesla investors urging him to curtail oregon wholly halt his Twitter wont earlier the 2018 buyout tweet, Musk said helium couldn't retrieve each those interactions from years ago, particularly since helium gets a "Niagara Falls" of emails.

Even earlier Musk took the stand, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen had declared that the jurors tin see those 2 tweets to beryllium false, leaving them to determine whether Musk deliberately deceived investors and whether his statements saddled them with losses.

Musk has antecedently contended helium entered into the SEC colony nether duress and maintained helium believed helium had locked up fiscal backing for a Tesla buyout during meetings with representatives from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

An adept connected firm buyouts hired by shareholder lawyers to survey the events surrounding Musk's connection to instrumentality Tesla backstage spent the bulk of his 3 hours connected the basal Friday deriding the program arsenic an ill-conceived concept.

"This connection was an utmost outlier," said Guhan Subramanian, a Harvard University concern and instrumentality prof for much than 20 years. "It was incoherent. It was illusory."

In a lengthy transverse introspection that delayed Musk's appearance, a lawyer for Tesla's committee of directors tried to undermine Subramanian's grounds by pointing retired that it relied connected postgraduate pupil assistance to reappraisal immoderate of the worldly related to the August 2018 tweets. The lawyer, William Price, besides noted Subramanian's $1,900-per-hour interest for compiling his study for the case.

The proceedings implicit his Tesla tweets travel astatine a clip erstwhile Musk has been focusing connected Twitter portion besides serving arsenic the automaker's CEO and besides remaining profoundly progressive successful SpaceX, the rocket vessel institution helium founded.

Musk's enactment of Twitter — wherever helium has gutted the unit and alienated users and advertisers — has proven unpopular among Tesla's existent stockholders, who are disquieted helium has been devoting little clip steering the automaker astatine a clip of intensifying competition. Those concerns contributed to a 65% diminution successful Tesla's banal past twelvemonth that wiped retired much than $700 cardinal successful shareholder wealthiness — acold much than the $14 cardinal plaything successful luck that occurred betwixt the company's precocious and debased banal prices during the Aug. 7-17, 2018 play covered successful the class-action lawsuit.

Tesla's banal has divided doubly since then, making the $420 buyout terms cited successful his 2018 tweet worthy $28 connected adjusted ground now. The company's shares were trading astir $133.42 Friday, down from the company's November 2021 split-adjusted highest of $414.50.

After Musk dropped the thought of a Tesla buyout, the institution overcame its accumulation problems, resulting successful a accelerated upturn successful car income that caused its banal to soar and minted Musk arsenic the world's richest idiosyncratic until helium bought Twitter. Musk dropped from the apical spot connected the wealthiness database aft the banal market's backlash to his handling of Twitter.

When asked Friday astir the challenges that Tesla faced successful 2018, helium recalled spending galore nights sleeping astatine the automaker's California mill arsenic helium tried to support the institution afloat.

"The sheer level of symptom to marque Tesla palmy during that 2017, 2018 play was excruciating," helium recalled.

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