Emily Osment dishes on Betty White: ‘She’s got a mouth on her’

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Betty white Betty White guest-starred connected Emily Osment's Freeform drama during the last play successful 2018. Disney General Entertainment Con

The fable of Betty White conscionable can’t halt growing.

“Young & Hungry” prima Emily Osment recalled moving with the iconic 99-year-old connected the set of her former Freeform drama show.

“She’s got a rima connected her. She’ll archer you,” Osment, 29, revealed to guest-host Jay Leno on the latest occurrence of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” “If she was sitting here, she’d go, ‘Uh-huh.’ I don’t cognize what words I tin accidental connected this tv show, truthful I’m going to clasp back.”

The “Hannah Montana” prima added that she was “fortunate” to person had the accidental to enactment alongside White.

“Young & Hungry” aired connected Freeform from 2014 until 2018 for 5 seasons. Five-time Emmy-winner White guest-starred connected the sitcom for 2 episodes — successful she played Osment’s neighbour — during the past season.

“She’s precise funny. I was precise fortunate to enactment with Betty. She did, I privation to say, astatine slightest 3 episodes of ‘Young & Hungry.’ She did a couple. I mean, archetypal of all, she’s beautiful. She’s conscionable truthful stunning to look at. She’s got truly beauteous skin. She shows up and past she’s, you know, razzing you,” Osment continued.

“It was astonishing to beryllium moving connected a amusement for that long. Our crew, you ticker our unit that’s been astir forever, they’ve worked with truthful galore people,” the ex-Disney Channel histrion explained. “And past [Betty] walks connected signifier and they each benignant of conscionable [go], ‘Hi, Ms. White. Very bully to conscionable you.’

“The magnitude of respect that she garners walking into a country was precise absorbing and well-deserved. And man, she’s got a rima connected her though. Doesn’t she?” she said.

Betty white“She’s got a rima connected her. She’ll archer you,” Osment joked astir White.Disney General Entertainment Con

Osment dished to Us Weekly backmost successful 2017 astir moving with the “Golden Girls” alum, joking that the second called her a “bitch.”

“She called maine a bitch 1 time, which I loved,” Osment said. “She was like, ‘Honey, you’re what we similar to telephone a bitch [because] you’ve got blonde hairsbreadth and bluish eyes.’ She has blonde hairsbreadth and bluish eyes arsenic well, truthful she was like, ‘We similar to telephone ourselves that.'”

Osment added: “I deliberation I’m successful a bitch nine with Betty White! To perceive specified a sweet, saccharine pistillate who’s successful her 90s usage the benignant of connection she uses — she’s hysterical.”