Emily Ratajowski & More Appear In Halloween Talk Show Sketch On ‘SNL’ With Jason Sudeikis

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Kenan Thompson’s ‘D’Andre’ hosted the ‘SNL’ speech amusement sketch, which included a fewer acquainted faces — including relative Greg from ‘Succession’!

You ne'er cognize who mightiness popular up connected Saturday Night Live — and October 23rd was nary exception! While Jason Sudeikis, 45, hosted the episode, the former SNL cast subordinate had a supporting relation successful this sketch which was each Kenan Thompson. As a BET logo flashed connected the screen, Kenan introduced the spoof speech amusement called, “What’s Up With That — Halloween Edition” that included immoderate large guests similar Emily Ratajkowski, Oscar Issac and Succession’s Nicholas Braun.

SNLNicholas Braun, Emily Ratajkowski and Oscar Issac appeared arsenic impermanent stars connected Oct. 23. (SNL)

“We’re taking connected the issues of the time with soul,” Kenan declared, rocking a longer hairsbreadth ‘do and a ’70s inspired burgundy suit. He went connected to present his guests — Oscar, who was dressed arsenic a pirate, Emily, arsenic a feline successful tiger ears, and Succession actor Nicholas Braun — who appeared to travel arsenic conscionable himself.

Jason SudekisJason Sudeikis was a backmost up dancer connected ‘What’s Up With That?’. (SNL)

Kenan didn’t fto the pack bash overmuch talking, however, arsenic helium continued connected with his alternatively repetitive song. “I woke up this greeting and I got retired of bed…hid from a shade and a scary achromatic cat….ooh wee. What’s up with that, what’s up with that?” Kenan’s D’Andre crooned with a small assistance from different impermanent star: Fred Armisen arsenic Giuseppe the saxophone subordinate and Jason Sudeikis, who appeared to beryllium channeling The Royal Tenenbaums in a reddish Adidas suit portion doing his doing arsenic a back-up dancer.

“Well convey you precise overmuch for joining us. We’re excited astir Halloween! It mightiness get a small creepy. It mightiness get a small stinky!” Kenan past told the group, arsenic Chris Redd busted a determination successful the assemblage earlier turning his attraction to Fred’s Giuseppe.

“I anticipation your woman is feeling better,” Kenan said to a chuckling Fred, rocking a agelong wig conscionable like Kenny G (who is 1 of the astir palmy artists of each time). “That wasn’t a joke, Giuseppe,” Kenan clarified. After little chatter with his guests, D’Andre appeared to beryllium confused astir Nicholas — confusing him with Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac.

“He has been connected each amusement that we person ever had for the past 12 years — Lindsey Buckingham,” D’Andre announced, seemingly reasoning the legendary rocker was dressed up as Cousin Greg from Succession. “The champion relative Greg from Succession I person ever seen,” helium noted to a confused Nicholas.

“I’m Nicholas Braun,” the Succession star corrected aggregate times passim the sketch. The guests — including Oscar — didn’t get the accidental to bash overmuch talking, though, arsenic Kenan went close backmost into his song.

“Well, we outta clip — but I wanna convey Oscar Issac for being here,” D’Andre said astatine the end, with Oscar noting, “That’s however I thought it would go.”