Employees at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Protest Vaccine Mandate

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About 20 employees astatine the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a NASA tract center, successful Pasadena, California, protested the national COVID-19 vaccine mandate Nov. 1.

Last month, President Joe Biden signed an bid that requires the immense bulk of national contractors to guarantee their employees are afloat vaccinated by Dec. 8, 2021.

Taylor Ingram, a concern head astatine JPL, told The Epoch Times that the institution has offered the spiritual and aesculapian exemptions, but determination are nary wide guidelines connected however the exemption forms volition beryllium evaluated.

“They person not been wide connected the process for who’s going to reappraisal them, however agelong it’s going to take, and however they’re qualifying oregon quantifying that information,” said Ingram. “As galore arsenic 1000 employees astatine JPL could suffer their jobs.”

“We’re not against the vaccines. We’re not against people’s close to take to instrumentality the vaccine but we are against the coercion of having to get the vaccine successful bid to work.”

Epoch Times Photo About 20 employees astatine the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a NASA tract center, protested the national COVID-19 vaccine mandate successful Pasadena, Calif., connected Nov. 1. (Alice Sun/The Epoch Times)

Todd Jones is simply a idiosyncratic who has been moving astatine JPL for 31 years successful a microdevices laboratory, was holding a ten-foot metallic syringe with assorted things successful the syringe representing chartless COVID vaccine ingredients.

“We’ve been moving astatine JPL successful the pandemic for a twelvemonth and a half, conscionable good doing regular testing,” Jones told The Epoch Times.

Jones does not spot immoderate of the existing COVID-19 vaccines due to the fact that they person not been tested for semipermanent effects.

Caleb Macy, an engineering technician who works connected gathering antennas to person connection from spacecraft, told The Epoch Times that, “Everything that you present to your body, your assemblage has to instrumentality and set to it and combat it. That’s creating much enactment for you much beating down your immune system.”

“Medical state is precise important for everyone. We are headed down a precise acheronian way successful this country. … It was wide that JPL lone cares astir 1 happening and that’s pushing his vaccine and pushing america to bash thing that goes against our conscience,” Macy added.

Virginia Ford, an optomechanical technologist astatine JPL, said firing unvaccinated radical is precise anti-American.

“It’s cruel. It’s been implemented precise wrongly and cruelly,” Ford told The Epoch Times.

Charlyn Hiebert, a pastor astatine Harvest International Ministries and a erstwhile operating country nurse, showed up to enactment her friend, a geologist astatine JPL. She told The Epoch Times that terminating employees who garbage to get the COVID-19 vaccine violates Constitutional rights.

“I judge successful escaped choice. I americium going to basal for the American people,” said Hiebert.

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