Employment Landscape Leaves Teens With Many Summer Job Opportunities

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By Maura Sirianni
May 22, 2022

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, astir one-third of U.S. teens property 16 to19 are presently working.

If you've gone to a edifice lately, oregon possibly a salon, you've apt noticed the lingering "help wanted" signs. 

"If we don't get capable (workers), typically what we bash is we person a contingency program wherever we're unfastened either connected weekends oregon shorter hours during the week, truthful we tin inactive unfastened but with precise constricted hours," said Josh Reusser of Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation.

In Salt Lake City, the Parks and Rec. Department needs lifeguards, a summertime occupation typically filled by teens. 

Employers crossed the state request assistance and they're consenting to pay. A station for a summertime lifeguard presumption successful Charlottesville, Virginia, is offering $15 an hour. 

"Kids person mislaid 2 years of maturity," said Marie Schwartz, Chief Executive astatine TeenLife

Marie Schwartz runs TeenLife Media, a nationalist online directory of enrichment programs and activities for teens, grades 7 done 12, during the pandemic, teen summertime employment deed a caller low. Two years later, Schwartz says it's imperative for this property radical to drawback up connected captious beingness experience. 

"I deliberation jobs are highly valuable, there's thing similar getting a paycheck. Especially jobs involving the public, I deliberation those are astir apt the astir invaluable jobs for teenagers; moving arsenic a lifeguard, astatine a supermarket, edifice oregon snack bar," said Schwartz. 

Schwartz said successful summation to moving a summertime job, an enactment oregon programme is different large mode for teenagers to socialize with their peers and marque caller connections. TeenLife presently lists much than 4,000 summertime programs, including hundreds of escaped ones successful assorted areas of interest. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, astir one-third of U.S. teens property 16 to19 are presently working. The astir caller numbers amusement unemployment successful that property radical was 10.2% successful April. Last April, a then-record 4 cardinal radical discontinue their jobs, and teenagers consenting to enactment became highly sought after. That month, 16 to 19-year-olds were hired much than immoderate different property group, the Bureau of Labor reported. This summer, acknowledgment to a choky labour marketplace and rising wages successful hourly jobs, that momentum is inactive going strong. 

"We are reaffirming our committedness to our young radical successful the metropolis of New York," said New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The New York City Mayor announced a grounds 100,000 summertime younker employment opportunities. Mayors of Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago besides pushing summertime internships, jobs, and programs to support younker busy, and acceptable them up for occurrence successful the future. 

"And that is the complaint I americium giving my metropolis agencies, you bash internship programs, I privation to locomotion wrong and spot the children of my city," said Adams. 

Schwartz says it's besides up to parents to get teens progressive this summer.

"You conscionable person to impact them successful that determination and say, ok, hunt for 3 jobs connected this website oregon look for 3 programs connected TeenLife and let's speech astir it," said Schwartz.