Energy companies accused of bid rigging and racketeering in US lawsuit

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A cybersecurity institution filed a $110m suit successful New York this week, accusing the Spanish planetary vigor institution Iberdrola and its US subsidiary Avangrid of bid rigging and racketeering.

The 72-page national tribunal ailment outlines an elaborate strategy by Iberdrola executives to make millions of dollars successful wasteful instrumentality expenditures successful bid to crook a nett from its inferior customers successful New York, Connecticut and Maine.


The suit further alleges that overmuch of this instrumentality was ne'er enactment to usage and is alternatively collecting particulate successful warehouses crossed the region.

Iberdrola came to prominence astir 20 years agone with investments successful ample upwind farms, earthy state and hydroelectric power. In summation to Avangrid, it holds subsidiaries passim Europe, Brazil and Mexico.

But successful caller years, the institution has travel nether scrutiny. Two of the Iberdrola defendants named successful the lawsuit, Antonio Asenjo and Enrique Victorero, are presently nether probe successful Spain for alleged firm espionage and fraud.

Legislators and environmentalists successful the U S person attacked it for price-gouging tactics, citing Maine’s soaring energy bills and frequent, long-lasting outages ever since Avangrid assumed power of the state’s inferior company.

This latest lawsuit, brought by Security Limits Inc, comes amid a bid of high-profile inferior malfeasance cases successful the US, involving bribery and acheronian wealth groups utilized to power elections and nationalist officials. The largest of these transgression cases, a $60m alleged bribery strategy successful Ohio this summertime led to the expulsion of the state’s talker of the House and a $230m good levied against the utility, FirstEnergy.

The ailment besides comes arsenic Avangrid is looking to grow its operations to the American West by merging with New Mexico’s largest utility, PNM.

Mariel Nanasi, enforcement manager of the Santa Fe-based biology radical New Energy Economy, has agelong been an ardent hostile of the merger, often voicing concerns astir Iberdrola’s transgression investigations successful Spain and the imaginable implications for New Mexico.

“Fraud, bid rigging, jacking up lawsuit rates by making phantom superior expenditures – determination is simply a signifier of misconduct that has emerged,” she said. “Avangrid and Iberdrola enactment extracurricular the instrumentality and the nationalist beryllium damned.”

The ailment was filed successful the confederate territory tribunal of New York by lawyers representing Paulo Silva, a cybersecurity adept and CEO of Security Limits Inc. In it, lawyers picture events successful the astir 2 years that Silva spent moving arsenic a subcontractor for Avangrid, designing and gathering unafraid information centers for its utilities.

Silva alleges that successful 2018 helium complained astir overspending connected equipment. Shortly after, Avangrid executives began manipulating the bidding process and steering lucrative contracts toward 5 companies with ties to Iberdrola, helium added.

According to the complaint, these companies were charged with buying ample amounts of instrumentality for caller information centers, for which they charged Avangrid markups of 40% oregon more. According to the complaint, overmuch of this instrumentality was ne'er enactment to use, but alternatively was stored successful a warehouse, which had to beryllium expanded 3 times implicit the people of respective years, according to the lawsuit.

Iberdrola and Avangrid “actually paid to person structures erected to location the dust-gathering hardware that lacked immoderate discernible intent isolated from serving arsenic a conveyance for the [companies’] accounting misfeasance”, the ailment states.

In effect to the complaint, Joanie Griffin, an Avangrid spokeswoman, described Silva arsenic a disgruntled erstwhile subcontractor, bitter that helium did not triumph bids from the company.

“The allegations and claims person nary merit, and the institution volition vigorously support itself,” she said.

The alleged payment to Avangrid and Iberdrola derives from a half-century-old inferior regularisation strategy designed to promote the improvement of captious infrastructure. These regulations let utilities to complaint customers for the outgo of superior expenditures – semipermanent investments successful things similar instrumentality – positive an further 7 to 15 percent, which the inferior keeps arsenic profit.

Under these regulations, Avangrid was allegedly capable to complaint its customers connected their electrical bills for each portion of over-priced and unused instrumentality – portion greatly enriching its shareholders. While the civilian ailment does not see an exhaustive reappraisal of Avangrid’s alleged unnecessary purchases, the company’s SEC filings amusement that erstwhile the alleged strategy took place, Avangrid accrued its superior expenditures by astir $1 billion.

As exertion has changed and improved, inferior watchdogs person lambasted specified regulations, saying they make a perverse inducement for companies to put successful unneeded equipment, portion ignoring important attraction and operational expenses. In Iberdrola’s case, the ailment says that the institution over-purchased definite equipment, portion besides leaving large lapses successful the utility’s cybersecurity. These lapses near captious inferior infrastructure unprotected from things similar cyberattacks, the ailment asserts.

“The [scheme], and its inherent waste, deprived SLI of invaluable contracts it would person different been awarded successful an unrigged bidding process, wasted millions of rate-payers’ dollars, and wrongly enriched the [scheme’s] participants,” lawyers concluded successful the complaint.