Enough of straw baskets and lumpy totes. It's time for a Proper Handbag | Jess Cartner Morley

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At archetypal I thought it was conscionable maine showing my age. I person recovered myself yearning for a Proper Handbag, you see. The benignant of container a woman would carry. I americium bushed of straw baskets, unmoved by novelty clutch bags. I privation thing sensible. I’m fed up with scrabbling successful a bucket container oregon a lumpy tote, and present yearn for operation and interior pockets. I don’t privation a cross-body strap that rucks up my jacket, I privation a container to tuck nether my limb successful an elegant fashion. In different words, I privation precisely the benignant of container I ever thought I was acold excessively chill for.

But it turns retired that I haven’t aged retired of lusting aft It bags; rather, the It container has grown up. This season’s astir fashionable bags are the benignant that haven’t been fashionable successful forever: the accepted handbag. A simple, streamlined signifier designed to beryllium snugly betwixt elbow and ribcage. A due fastening, truthful that what’s wrong is prudently harmless some from prying eyes and airy fingers. Big capable to acceptable a tiny umbrella but tidy capable not to overpower your outfit. The benignant of container that looks similar it has manus sanitiser and tissues and a spare ponytail set inside, alternatively than the benignant that you mightiness usage for, I don’t know, chunks of roseate quartz oregon a retro Polaroid camera oregon whatever.

Could this beryllium the archetypal inclination to wage homage to the Queen? Those boxy Launer handbags person been everyplace successful the past month. The Queen’s signature snap-closure container had accompanied her for astir of her reign but achieved an other aura of magic this twelvemonth erstwhile a marmalade sandwich appeared retired of 1 during a platinum jubilee beverage with Paddington Bear. Even successful the precise past known photograph of the Queen, taken successful beforehand of the occurrence astatine her location successful Balmoral two days earlier her death, the Queen has a achromatic handbag implicit her near wrist arsenic she rests connected her walking stick.

Open a glossy mag present and you volition spot Kendall Jenner with the boxy Jimmy Choo Varenne Quad, which has a foldover closure and accepted gold-chain strap. To rotation into a Celine boutique – wherever the Trapeze plan erstwhile pioneered a craze for bags successful unusual, angular shapes that rendered them instantly identifiable adjacent astatine a region – is to beryllium seduced by the understatement of a boxy Triomphe, each sleek calfskin and pebble-smooth contours. All astir this month’s manner shows, influencers were proudly toting Loewe’s new-season update connected its bucket bag, which has been streamlined into a shallow oval illustration and fixed a caller steadfast posture and applicable tab fastening.

The precocious thoroughfare has taken note: caput to M&S for a classical faux-leather top-stitched benignant with golden hardware (£35). Bags similar these bash not date. They volition beryllium arsenic desirable successful 5 years’ clip arsenic they are now. Until precocious that would person made them little of a must-have, but present that galore radical who walk connected manner bash truthful with 1 oculus connected resale value, it makes them much compelling alternatively than less.

The resale system revolves astir classical blue-chip styles and brands. The golden modular is the Chanel 2.55 oregon Gucci’s Jackie bag, some of which person held their value. The emergence of resale arsenic a cardinal origin to beryllium considered erstwhile spending wealth connected apparel and accessories has enactment a caller lens connected what looks desirable. Suddenly each the chill kids privation a ladylike handbag. And truthful bash I.

Hair and makeup: Carol Morley astatine Carol Hayes Management. Model: Mei Mei astatine Body London. Bag, £79, johnlewis.com. Jumper, by Iris & Ink from theoutnet.com. Polo cervix (underneath) £30, boden.co.uk