Euro Zone Banks Raised Bar for Mortgages in Third Quarter, ECB Says

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FRANKFURT—Euro portion banks tightened entree to mortgages successful the 3 months to September and expect to proceed doing truthful successful the last 4th of the year, a European Central Bank survey showed connected Tuesday.

ECB policymakers are acceptable to instrumentality banal of the economical concern astatine a gathering connected Thursday, paving the mode for a determination successful December connected the aboriginal of the cardinal bank’s bond-buying programmes.

The ECB’s Bank Lending Survey painted an unchanged representation for firm borrowers but the barroom was raised for households looking for a location loan, who besides faced little favourable owe terms.

“For lodging loans, the nett tightening was related to banks’ hazard tolerance and their outgo of funds and equilibrium expanse constraints,” the ECB said.

“In the 4th fourth of 2021, banks expect a further nett tightening of recognition standards and, connected balance, nary alteration successful request for loans to households for location purchase.”

Some banks cited recommendations from “macro-prudential supervisors”—whose occupation is to ticker retired for fiscal bubbles—as a crushed to tighten their criteria for granting location loans.

Among the euro zone’s largest economies, support criteria for mortgages were tightened successful Germany, Spain, and France portion they remained unchanged successful Italy.

Combined with rising demand, this resulted successful a higher rejection complaint for German and French households who applied for location loans past quarter, the survey showed.

Terms and conditions connected mortgages—particularly the ratio betwixt the magnitude borrowed and the worth of the property, the duration of the loan, and the further charges—were besides little generous than successful the erstwhile quarter.

On the different hand, with the ECB’s involvement rates stuck astatine rock-bottom, banks continued to shrink their margins, including connected loans considered risky.

“In the largest euro country countries, wide presumption and conditions for lodging loans tightened successful Germany and successful France, whereas they eased successful Spain and Italy,” the ECB said.

“The narrowing of margins successful the euro country was driven by Spain and France for mean loans and by Italy for riskier loans, portion German banks reported a widening of each margins,” it added.

The ECB is wide expected to upwind down its Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme successful March but proceed moving its smaller, regular bond-buying strategy beyond that date.

The euro zone’s cardinal slope has stuck to its enactment that the caller emergence successful ostentation is mostly impermanent and terms growth, which deed 3.4 percent successful September, volition easiness backmost beneath its 2 percent extremity adjacent year.