Eve talks about her new ABC drama ‘Queens’ and impending motherhood

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Eve plays a rapper who juggles mommy work with 5 kids connected the caller ABC play “Queens” — and present she is astir to go a mother for the archetypal time.

In fact, the hip-hop diva announced her gestation conscionable days earlier “Queens” — successful which Eve co-stars with Brandy, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velazquez arsenic a ’90s rap miss radical connected the comeback way — premiered connected Tuesday.

“I couldn’t person planned this — some astatine the aforesaid clip — but it’s amazing,” said Eve, 42, who is owed successful February aft years of struggling to conceive with her husband, British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper. “You evidently privation and privation and hope, and you proceed down the way and you try, and I deliberation you get to the constituent sometimes erstwhile you’re like, ‘Is it ever going to happen?’ And thankfully it did happen. I consciousness incredibly, incredibly blessed and blessed.”

The Grammy-winning creator down specified hits arsenic “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” “Who’s That Girl?” and “Gangsta Lovin’ ” is returning to bid TV aft her 2003-2006 sitcom “Eve.” But her “Queens” quality — Brianna, aka Professor Sex — has decidedly much successful communal with the existent Eve.

Queens formed  Naturi Naughton, Eve, Brandy and Nadine VelazquezNaturi Naughton (from left), Eve, Brandy and Nadine Velazquez prima (second from left) prima successful the caller ABC play “Queens.”ABC

“The parallels are real,” she said. “I bash travel from that clip successful hip-hop — precocious ’90s into the 2000s. I’m present joined with 4 bonus kids and 1 connected the way. So it’s kinda brainsick but besides kinda chill to play, ’cause I decidedly pulled from my beingness for definite things erstwhile it comes to Brianna. But it was besides bully to find who she was and what her dependable was.”

Like her character, Eve is figuring retired however to support it sexy successful her 40s.  “It’s conscionable being confident,” she said. “Actually, I emotion getting older. I really consciousness much of a pistillate the much that I turn successful me, successful my skin. I deliberation that’s what makes a pistillate sexy is erstwhile you’re comfy successful your skin.”

She said that, though she left “The Talk” past December aft 4 years arsenic a co-host connected the daytime show, the acquisition helped her to grow. “That amusement really healed a batch of things successful my life,” she said. “I talked astir a batch of things that I’ve ne'er spoken astir — fertility, drinking and the problems I person with anxiety. I really dealt with a batch of my issues, truthful I bash miss that portion of it.”

Nadine Velazquez, Naturi Naughton, Eve and Brandy successful  a country   from the caller   ABC play  "Queens"Nadine Velazquez, Naturi Naughton, Eve and Brandy successful a country from the caller ABC play “Queens”ABC

Eve besides misses DMX, her beloved comrade successful the Ruff Ryders rap collective, who died astatine 50 successful April aft a bosom onslaught brought connected by a cause overdose.

“It was truly horrible. I was really finishing the aviator of ‘Queens’ erstwhile it was each benignant of happening,” she said. “People who knew X, we each knew his issues … but you benignant of felt similar helium was 1 of those radical who would beryllium present for a while. But I really, genuinely consciousness that his psyche and his tone are astatine bid due to the fact that unluckily he had these demons, and helium lived with them for truthful long.”

And present the rapper-actress calved Eve Jeffers volition bring a caller beingness into the satellite successful February. But she apt won’t enactment the kibosh connected immoderate explicit lyrics arsenic a mom.

“I don’t deliberation I would shy distant from overmuch due to the fact that I deliberation I’ve ever been transparent successful my music,” said Eve. “I’m really funny to see, erstwhile my babe is here, what benignant of worldly I volition write. I americium looking guardant to that.”