Even as China Cracks Down on Tech, AI Companies Plan IPOs

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Last November, the Chinese authorities ordered Ant Group, a concern spun retired of Alibaba that operates the ubiquitous Alipay mobile payments platform and different fiscal services, to cancel its hotly anticipated IPO astatine the past moment.

Shortly aft ride-hailing elephantine DiDi went up with an IPO successful New York this summertime contempt authorities concerns, officials removed the company’s app from Chinese app stores and ordered it to comply with an extended cybersecurity review.

Soon after, ByteDance, relation of wildly fashionable quality and amusement apps, arsenic good arsenic the short-video sensation TikTok extracurricular of China, shelved its ain plans for an IPO to comply with tighter authorities rules astir information extortion and security.

So it’s a small unusual that 2 titans of China’s artificial intelligence industry, SenseTime and Megvii, are proceeding with plans for IPOs seemingly unbothered, with listings connected the Hong Kong and Shanghai banal exchanges, respectively.

After a decennary of unchecked growth, galore Chinese tech firms present look a stark caller reality, with canceled IPOs, stricter regulations, and hefty fines. But immoderate “AI unicorns” stay comparatively untouched. One imaginable reason: They are aligned with the government.

“AI companies are important providers of authorities services,” says Martin Beraja, an MIT economics prof who studies China’s tech industry. “Facial recognition AI companies, successful particular, basal retired arsenic cardinal providers to Chinese nationalist information agencies.”

Both SenseTime and Megvii are notable providers of facial designation technology to some the backstage assemblage successful China and nationalist entities similar metropolis constabulary departments. SenseTime says successful its IPO prospectus that during the archetypal six months of this year, astir 48 percent of its gross came from its Smart City business, which involves selling services specified arsenic surveillance and postulation absorption exertion to section governments.

“Government spending is taxable to changes that are beyond our control,” the prospectus warns. “If authorities spending that relates to our concern does not proceed to turn oregon stay astatine the existent level … our concern could beryllium materially and adversely affected.”

The 2 companies’ ties to China’s authorities person besides attracted the attraction of the US government. The Trump medication added SenseTime and Megvii to a database of companies barred from doing concern with US firms successful October 2019 implicit alleged ties to authorities surveillance of Muslims successful the occidental state of Xinjiang. Several different Chinese AI companies were connected the list, including YITU Technology and iFLYTEK, which specializes successful dependable designation and surveillance.

The companies’ evident quality to spell up with IPOs comes amid far-reaching scrutiny of Chinese tech companies. Ant’s genitor company, Alibaba, was fined a grounds $2.8 billion for allegedly hindering competition. The punishment has been partially seen arsenic a rebuke to Jack Ma, the salient billionaire down some Alibaba and Ant, who gave a speech criticizing authorities regulators for hindering innovation soon earlier Ant’s planned IPO.

Other affected companies see Tencent, which operates WeChat, a “super-app” and outgo platform, on with amusement and gaming businesses; Pinduoduo, a group-purchasing and ecommerce business; and Meituan, a fashionable nutrient transportation firm. The clampdown has besides affected education startups, recruitment firms, and cryptocurrency startups.