Ex-Apple store employee reveals secret iPhone tricks

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A erstwhile Apple worker has highlighted a big of iPhone tips and tricks that you astir apt didn’t cognize about.

Canadian tech adept Sabrina Badin shares her useful hints connected her TikTok profile, which boasts much than 30,000 followers.

Having seemingly erstwhile worked arsenic an Apple Genius – the company’s service of lawsuit enactment unit – she knows a happening oregon 2 astir its devices.

The Sun has enactment unneurotic a database of immoderate of the champion tips that Sabrina, who posts nether the username @sabbadz, has to offer.

Move aggregate apps astatine erstwhile connected the Home Screen

If you’re giving your Home Screen a outpouring clean, there’s an casual mode to determination aggregate apps astatine erstwhile alternatively than dragging them 1 astatine a time.

To determination 1 app, property and clasp connected to its icon until it begins to jiggle. You tin past determination it to different determination connected the aforesaid leafage oregon to a caller page.

Not galore radical know, however, that you tin determination aggregate apps astatine once.

As Sabrina demonstrates successful 1 video, you bash this by tapping and holding 1 app and past tapping the different apps that you privation to move.

An ex-Apple store   worker  went viral connected  TikTok for showing galore   iPhone hacks users perchance  don’t know.Former Apple store worker Sabrina Badin shows however to determination aggregate apps astatine erstwhile connected the iPhone location screen.@sabbadz / TikTok

You tin past determination them crossed your Home Screen arsenic a group. Letting spell volition driblet them successful a enactment into the bare country of your choosing.

Select aggregate messages oregon emails astatine once

Does your iMessage oregon Mail inbox request a wide up? You tin rapidly prime aggregate messages astatine erstwhile without tapping connected each one.

To bash that, unfastened up your inbox and spot 2 fingers connected the display. Drag down to prime messages and merchandise to stop.

You tin past take to delete them, people them arsenic read, record them distant successful a folder and more.

An ex-Apple store   worker  went viral connected  TikTok for showing galore   iPhone hacks users perchance  don’t know.Sabrina Badin became viral connected TikTok for showing the latest iPhone tricks connected the iOS 15 software.@sabbadz / TikTok

Play euphony portion signaling video

There’s a useful mode to jazz up your videos with an epic soundtrack.

Simply play immoderate euphony done your iPhone speakers utilizing your preferred euphony app, specified arsenic Spotify oregon Apple Music.

With your tune inactive playing, unfastened up the camera app. Make definite your camera is acceptable to photograph mode – not video.

An ex-Apple store   worker  went viral connected  TikTok for showing galore   iPhone hacks users perchance  don’t know.Sabrina Badin demonstrates however to play euphony portion signaling connected the camera app.@sabbadz / TikTok

Tap and clasp the shutter fastener and resistance it to the right. Your iPhone volition statesman signaling a video portion your euphony continues to play successful the background.

iMessage tricks

There’s a neat instrumentality that lets you nonstop weird animations to your mates connected iPhone.

All you request to bash is nonstop idiosyncratic a concealed codeword implicit iMessage to activate each effect.

Sending “pew pew”, for instance, volition trigger a laser effect, portion “happy birthday” volition marque balloons interval up from the bottommost of your mate’s screen.

When January rolls around, fireworks volition burst crossed the connection if you privation idiosyncratic “happy caller year”.

Scan real-world substance successful seconds

Your iPhone is loaded with a useful instrumentality that allows you to rapidly load the contented of a paper oregon paper onto your mobile instantly.

Called “Live Text”, the instrumentality was precocious rolled retired worldwide with the release of iOS 15, the latest mentation of the iPhone operating system.

Live Text allows you to constituent your iPhone camera astatine a existent satellite entity and rapidly transcript and paste substance connected it onto your handset.

It could assistance you seizure notes connected a whiteboard astatine the extremity of a gathering oregon schoolhouse class, oregon transcript down a handwritten enactment of a household recipe.

It works done the camera app and utilizes high-tech artificial quality to admit and scan substance successful a assortment of lighting conditions. You tin drawback an entity with substance you privation to scan and unfastened the Camera app connected your iPhone.

Point the camera astatine the entity and past pat the indicator that appears successful the little close of your display. It looks similar lines of substance surrounded by a box.

When you pat it, the substance jumps retired connected your show and you’re fixed the option, to copy, select, look up, construe oregon stock it.

An ex-Apple store   worker  went viral connected  TikTok for showing galore   iPhone hacks users perchance  don’t know.Sabrina Badin shows however to scan and transcript immoderate substance utilizing the “”Live Text” tool.@sabbadz / TikTok

You tin transcript and paste it into an email oregon Note, for instance, oregon stock it with a person implicit WhatsApp oregon Facebook Messenger.

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