Ex-Lieutenant Arrested in Library Officer’s Shooting Death

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Washington Metro Police Lt. Jesse Porter speaks to the media successful  Wash., connected  Dec. 11, 2013. (Alex Brandon/AP Photo)

Washington Metro Police Lt. Jesse Porter speaks to the media successful Wash., connected Dec. 11, 2013. (Alex Brandon/AP Photo)

WASHINGTON—A retired constabulary lieutenant has been arrested aft constabulary accidental helium fatally changeable a chap instrumentality enforcement serviceman Thursday during a grooming workout astatine a Washington D.C. library.

Jesse Porter was astatine the extremity of a grooming workout astatine a room successful the district’s Anacostia vicinity Thursday day erstwhile helium fired a limb that struck 25-year-old Maurica Manyan, Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said Friday. The room serviceman was past rushed to a section infirmary wherever helium was aboriginal pronounced dead.

Porter was arrested connected an involuntary manslaughter complaint aft constabulary consulted with the U.S. attorney’s bureau successful Washington. He remained successful custody Friday and it wasn’t instantly wide if helium had an lawyer who could remark connected his behalf.

Metropolitan Police said the 58-year-old retired lieutenant was moving for a backstage contractor providing grooming for a radical of room constabulary officers connected however to usage expandable batons erstwhile helium discharged a azygous changeable from his firearm.

There were astir six radical successful the country astatine the time, including different room constabulary officers. The city’s nationalist room strategy has its ain unit of full-time peculiar constabulary officers who tin beryllium equipped and are liable for ensuring the information and information of the room branches.

At a quality league soon aft the shooting, Contee said it was unclear wherefore Porter had a firearm during a grooming exercise. Generally, instrumentality enforcement agencies instrumentality steps to guarantee trainers and participants bash not person entree to unrecorded ammunition oregon existent firearms during grooming programs, to debar the anticipation of accidental gunfire.

“It’s not bully practice,” Contee said. “I’m not definite successful this concern wherefore the trainer had a unrecorded limb successful the grooming environment. But it is not bully signifier to bash this.”

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remained unclear and constabulary said the probe was inactive ongoing.

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