Ex Nevada AGs Laxalt and Cortez Masto, Compare Performances in Key Senate Race

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Nevada Republican Adam Laxalt is challenging incumbent Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto successful 1 of the nation’s astir pivotal—and expensive—tossup showdowns of the 2022 midterms.

At involvement connected Nov. 8 successful the Laxalt-Cortez Masto contest, according to an array of analyses and projections, is power of the now-split U.S. Senate successful 2023. 

Both campaigns person staked retired partisan territory that would beryllium acquainted to voters nationwide. 

Laxalt is pounding distant astatine Cortez Masto and President Joe Biden connected economical uncertainties, inflation, and vigor policy, portion besides appealing to chap veterans connected nationalist information issues. 

“Not $5. Not $6. But $7 state prices seen successful Reno!” Laxalt said successful a Twitter station connected Oct. 4. “Nevada inactive has the 2nd highest state prices successful the state & Nevadans, the bulk of which commute, are forced to wage these prices. America could beryllium vigor autarkic but @CortezMasto & Biden are doing everything to forestall this.”

Epoch Times Photo First-term incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) addresses members of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers national astatine their 40th Grand Lodge Convention successful Las Vegas connected Oct. 3, 2022. (Courtesy Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate)

Cortez Masto touts the administration’s effect to rising nutrient and substance costs, telling voters, “I passed the Inflation Reduction Act to chopped costs, boost our economy, and make good-paying section jobs for Nevadans.” portion vowing to support entree to termination and accusing Laxalt of being an predetermination denier.

“@AdamLaxalt and his utmost anti-choice allies person nary concern telling women what they tin and can’t bash with their bodies. He doesn’t basal for Nevada, and we volition not fto him resistance america backwards,” Cortez Masto said successful a Twitter post.

But the race, among 4 cardinal Senate races nationwide that could find which enactment holds the enclosure bulk opening successful January, whitethorn pivot connected however some candidates performed arsenic Nevada’s lawyer general.

Cortez Masto was the state’s lawyer wide 2006-14 earlier winning a Senate spot successful 2016. Laxalt succeeded her, serving arsenic Nevada’s apical instrumentality enforcement serviceman 2014-18.

Both candidates are trotting retired their instrumentality enforcement endorsements arsenic grounds of their proficiency and committedness to warring transgression portion serving arsenic Nevada AG.

Cortez Masto has been endorsed by the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers, Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition, and Reno Police Chief Jason Soto. This week, she was endorsed by the Nevada Police Union, whose 735 members enactment wrong the Nevada State Police, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Nevada State Parks, Nevada Department of Agriculture, and the Nevada System of Higher Education. 

“Sen. Cortez Masto understands the captious needs of our bid officers and is actively moving to guarantee we person what we request to bash our jobs each day,” Dan Gordon, president of Nevada Police Union, said successful a statement. “She is solutions-focused and has a grounds of crossing the aisle to present resources for the constabulary officers who service our state, and that’s wherefore we’re with her.”

The motion is somewhat of a coup for Cortez Masto due to the fact that the Nevada Police Union has usually endorsed Republican candidates, including erstwhile Senator and Congressman Dean Heller successful the 2022 GOP superior against Laxalt.

“Both arsenic Nevada’s lawyer wide and successful the Senate, I person worked with instrumentality enforcement to guarantee our officers person the resources they request to support our communities safe,” Cortez Masto said successful a statement. “As our state’s apical instrumentality enforcement officer, I worked hand-in-hand with constabulary to support Nevadans safe. In the Senate, I’ve kept up the combat to enactment their work. I’m arrogant to person the endorsement of @NVPoliceUnion.”

Laxalt has besides received a bushel of endorsements, including from erstwhile President Donald Trump, cardinal to his superior win. Among instrumentality enforcement agencies backing his run is the Nevada Fraternal Order of Police, the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada, the National Association of Police Organizations, and the National Border Patrol Council.

Laxalt maintains Cortez Masto is “dangerous for constabulary and unsafe for Nevada” successful stump speeches and statements, noting that “95 percent” of the state’s instrumentality enforcement officers enactment him.

The Public Safety Alliance of Nevada by itself represents much than 10,000 instrumentality enforcement officers and much than 100 authorities and section organizations.

The confederation had initially endorsed Cortez Masto, but aft Laxalt won the GOP primary, it joined the Las Vegas Police Protective Association and Nevada Fraternal Order of Police successful aligning down the Republican.

Cortez Masto “chooses to basal with extremist leftists implicit instrumentality enforcement, which is wherefore implicit 95 percent of Nevada’s constabulary person switched their endorsements to our campaign,” helium said successful an Oct. 4 Twitter post. “I volition ever enactment our brave men and women successful blue.”

Laxalt has rehashed disapproval of Cortez Masto’s show arsenic AG that dogged her 2018 run erstwhile she outpolled Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nev.) to triumph retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) seat, making her the archetypal Latina ever elected to the U.S. Senate.

After her 8 years arsenic Nevada AG, the Joyful Heart Foundation, a Brooklyn, New York-based nonprofit that advocates connected behalf of intersexual battle and home unit victims, documented that conscionable 16 percent of the 5,231 rape kits collected successful Las Vegas from 2004-13 were examined, leaving astir 4,400 untested kits successful the metropolis and much than 7,500 untested crossed the state.

While moving for lawyer wide successful 2014, Laxalt made a pledge to “clear up the backlog” a cardinal constituent successful his campaign. Shortly aft assuming bureau successful 2015, helium did conscionable that, securing a $3.7 cardinal national assistance to nonstop astir 7,400 untested kits to labs.

Former Washoe County District Attorney Dick  Gammick, successful an Oct. 4 Reno Gazette Journal column, wrote that during his 30-year tenure helium endorsed Cortez Masto respective times, but he’s going with Laxalt this clip astir due to the fact that helium did what Cortez Masto failed to bash arsenic lawyer general.

Laxalt “increased protections for victims of home violence, expanded resources for victims, and worked with instrumentality enforcement to process much than 8,000 rape kits from Nevada’s backlog, which had near victims waiting for justness for years earlier enactment was taken,” helium wrote. “Processing these rape kits led to the condemnation of serial rapists and murderers who had been connected the escaped for years earlier Adam took inaugural arsenic lawyer general.”

The Cortez Masto-Laxalt contention is ranked uniformly by analysts arsenic among the 4 astir competitory of the 35 U.S. Senate 2022 midterm contests this fall. Cortez Masto’s Senate spot is among 14 held by Democrats and 21 occupied by Republicans connected November ballots crossed the country.

Democrats present power 50 U.S. Senate seats, including 2 independents who caucus with the party. Republicans besides power 50 seats. Both parties judge they tin triumph a bulk successful November with Cortez Masto termed the Senate’s “most vulnerable” incumbent by Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

Of 8 analytic forecasts, each accidental the contention is simply a tossup. FiveThirtyEight had rated the authorities arsenic “lean Democratic” but has since joined the tossup chorus.

 Surveys look to corroborate those analytic projections with Laxalt posting 1-to-4 percent constituent leads successful September likely-voter polls. RealClearPolitics’ canvass mean has Laxalt up by 2.2 percent points, but notes that fig is good wrong the borderline of error.

The polls, portion inconclusive, look to bespeak that the bump successful enthusiasm Cortez Masto received successful the aftermath of the June determination to overturn Roe v. Wade whitethorn person waned. According to a statewide Suffolk University/Reno Gazette Journal survey of 500 apt voters, she led Laxalt by 7 percent points, successful mid-August.

Between some candidates and nationalist groups, the contention has drawn much than $130 cardinal successful run contributions and volition apt apical $200 cardinal by Election Day. It is the midterms’ second-most costly Senate predetermination down Georgia, wherever the contention betwixt incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and GOP challenger Herschel Walker could surpass $500 cardinal successful spending.

The advertisement tracking institution AdImpact reported this week that contempt an influx of spending by nationalist Republican groups successful the race, Democrats person outspent the GOP successful Nevada $78 cardinal to $52 million.

As successful galore cardinal races wherever incumbent Democrats look beardown Republican challengers, Cortez Masto’s run has importantly outraised Laxalt. As of July 1, her run had raised $30.1 cardinal to Laxalt’s $7.3 million, according to their Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings. The adjacent FEC filing deadline is Oct. 15. 

Laxalt’s run has been boosted by astatine slightest $3.9 cardinal successful advertisements since Oct. 1 from the Club for Growth, which spent $3.2 cardinal connected the contention successful September. 

Cortez Masto’s run is flouting its fiscal vantage implicit Laxalt, releasing an Oct. 3 connection announcing a “record-setting” haul of much than $15 cardinal betwixt the opening of July and the extremity of September from much than 170,000 donors successful pledges averaging $44 each. Her run had $5 cardinal successful currency connected manus connected Oct. 1.

Early in-person voting successful Nevada begins connected Oct. 22 and ends Nov 4. Requested mail-in ballots indispensable beryllium successful the message by Oct. 19. Nevada is 1 of 23 states that allows citizens to registry to ballot anytime, including connected Election Day.

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