Ex-WWE wrestler Sara Lee dead at 30

3 months ago 21

Sara Lee, victor of Season 6 of WWE’s “Tough Enough” world series, is dormant astatine the property of 30, her parent announced Thursday.

“It is with dense hearts we wanted to stock that our Sara Weston has gone to beryllium with Jesus,” Terri Lee wrote successful a station connected societal media. “We are each successful daze and arrangements are not complete. We inquire that you respectfully fto our household mourn.”

No origin of decease was given.

Sara Lee, victor  of 2015's 'Tough Enough' died astatine  the property  of 30, her parent  announced.Sara Lee, victor of 2015’s ‘Tough Enough’ died astatine the property of 30, her parent announced.WWE

Lee joined chap WWE wrestler Cory James Weston, who worked nether the signifier sanction Wesley Blake, successful 2017. They shared 2 children, girl Piper and lad Brady.

On Tuesday, Lee posted to Instagram that she was recovering from a sinus infection.

“Celebrating yet being steadfast capable to spell to the gym 2 days successful a row,” she wrote. “First ever sinus corruption kicked my butt.”

Lee earned a one-year declaration from the wrestling outfit aft her 2015 performance, but was released successful Sept. of 2016. She went connected to wrestle connected the autarkic circuit.

Fellow wrestler Bull James organized a GoFundMe for Lee’s family.

“We’re each shocked and saddened by the abrupt decease of Tough Enough victor Sara Lee,” James wrote connected the fundraising page. “As her loving husband, Cory, picks up the pieces and continues to rise their 3 children, the past happening anyone successful that presumption wants to beryllium disquieted astir is wealth and paying for a ceremonial and everything other that comes on with it.

“The wrestling assemblage has ever been 1 to travel unneurotic successful the aftermath of calamity and this is nary different. Every penny raised from this volition spell straight to Cory and the kids. Thank you each successful advance. RIP Sara, you were 1 of the bully ones.”