EXCLUSIVE: Hunt for the Virus Origin—Lab Secrets, CCP Coverups, and the Next Deadly Pandemic | Premiering: Nov. 12

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Nearly 5.1 million* radical person died (over 750,000 successful the United States) from COVID-19 astatine the clip of this video’s publication.

The world’s apical investigative resources, including immoderate of its champion scientists, person been deployed to find the virus’s origin. By and large, they’ve followed a way that has led to Wuhan, China—and determination met an impasse to their investigation, yet to beryllium crossed.

There are galore clues successful this enigma of the coronavirus’s origin, but fewer factual answers. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that the incorrect questions are being asked.

In my reporting, I’ve kept a adjacent oculus connected China and its ruling regime. I knew that to recognize however the planetary pandemic could person started there, it was indispensable to recognize what was happening successful Wuhan city—at the markets, astatine the lab, and among the researchers–at that time.

No 1 would person imagined the bonzer signifier of intrigue, coverups, and blatant transgression behaviors that has emerged; and portion its starting constituent whitethorn beryllium China, it surely extends good beyond its borders.

In probing the root of the microorganism outbreak, I spoke to a big of premier experts crossed galore fields, from microbiology and illness studies to planetary relations and modern history. With each revelation, uncovering the root of the outbreak—in clip to assistance forestall the adjacent one—becomes each the much urgent.

*This fig is an estimation based connected the aggregation of assorted worldwide sources. It does not origin in, for one, the imaginable misreporting of information from China for governmental ends. The existent coronavirus decease toll could beryllium importantly higher than what is represented here.

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