Experience: I’m the best Tetris player in the world

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There’s a support successful my dad’s closet, afloat of aged video games and consoles dating backmost to the 1970s. I was 8 erstwhile I recovered his Nintendo Game Boy and discovered Tetris. My older member Andy and I played it successful our location successful Texas.

Tetris is simply a elemental concept: you rotate and align descending shapes to implicit horizontal rows, which past driblet down and disappear. If uncompleted, they enactment connected surface and shapes heap up connected top. Once the surface fills with shapes, you lose. The crippled is truthful universally fashionable that implicit the decades, it has migrated from the Game Boy to PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone and everything successful between. But erstwhile I came crossed a YouTube video of the Classic Tetris satellite championship, successful 2018, I was amazed.

The competitors usage classical 80s Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) consoles, and whoever gets the highest people wins. Their velocity and accomplishment astatine making decisions was genius. There were commentators hyping up the online audience, which added to the excitement. I became hooked. I was 10 and Andy was 13. We re-watched the full happening implicit 2 days connected our surviving country TV.

The title began successful 2010, but things stepped up a cogwheel successful 2018. The seven-time satellite champion had been dethroned by a 16-year-old, and tons of younger radical were watching for the archetypal time. After that, Andy and I began to play competitively; we’d outcry our scores astatine each different from our bedrooms.

We’d ever been into electronics. Dad taught america to codification erstwhile we were five. I’m a straight-A pupil and maths is my favourite subject, truthful gaming taps into the mode my caput works.

We bought clone consoles (cheaper, championship-approved replicas of the NES) and started competing successful tournaments. I chose a name, Michael “DogplayingTetris” Artiaga (Andy is “PixelAndy”), and built myself an avatar – a canine with a Nintendo controller.

About 200 radical signed up for the 2020 satellite title qualifiers successful December. A casual subordinate mightiness people 50,000 points successful a game, but we qualified with six high-scoring, 1m-point games each. We made it to the last eight. Andy and I knocked retired each the contention until it was conscionable us, facing disconnected for the title.

It took spot connected a Sunday. I warmed up with immoderate signifier games, drank tons of h2o and got immoderate caller air. Mom and Dad were watching connected their machine downstairs, ace excited that we were some finalists. Andy and I played from our bedrooms. I person an old-school TV connected a array successful the country of my country and play from an bureau seat without armrests, due to the fact that they’d get successful the way. My member sits successful an aged rocking chair. The Tetris assemblage emotion teasing america astir our chairs.

During the final, I was tense but wholly focused. We played 5 games: Andy won two, and I won two. During the decider match, the commentators were going crazy. Then I won, 3-2. It was intense. Andy walked crossed the hallway into my country and gave maine a precocious five. We’re close, truthful helium was excited for me.

I won $3,000 (£2,225) prize money. I bought a utilized NES for 30 bucks connected eBay, a drum kit and a guitar, and invested successful cryptocurrency. I’ve acceptable up my ain tournament, Classic Tetris Brawl, and merchantability my ain merch, too, truthful I deliberation I could bash this professionally for a while.

The title finals are usually held successful Oregon, but they’re online again this twelvemonth due to the fact that of Covid. I privation to triumph again.

Before I got into Tetris, I wasn’t good known astatine schoolhouse – present I’m “the Tetris guy”. I usually play Tetris erstwhile a day, erstwhile schoolhouse and homework are done. The cardinal to occurrence is watching however others play and learning what it is that makes them amended than you.

Tetris is much than 30 years aged and it’s inactive the bestselling video crippled of each time. I was the 2nd youngest subordinate past year. Afterwards, I had a full clump of radical reaching retired to accidental congrats, which felt great.

Whatever other I bash successful life, I’ll ever spell down arsenic a 13-year-old satellite champion.

As told to Deborah Linton

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