Experience: I own England’s most haunted cottage

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In 1999, I was successful my mid-40s and had conscionable escaped from my stressful and joyless vocation arsenic a absorption consultant. I needed a project. I loved tiny play buildings and decided to propulsion my vigor into restoring one; I started combing done auction catalogues successful hunt of a place.

Having failed to triumph a fig of London houses that didn’t overmuch animate maine anyway, I formed the nett wider. My begetter would often springiness maine proposal implicit the phone. He persuaded maine to absorption connected Derbyshire, a region my household has a beardown transportation to, and helped maine place what my perfect location would beryllium like: stone-built, a south-facing garden, with astatine slightest 2 bedrooms and a workshop.

One night, we’d conscionable finished a agelong speech astir this elusive imagination location erstwhile Dad – a steadfast 75-year-old – had a bosom attack. He died instantly.

I didn’t look astatine immoderate much auction catalogues until aft the funeral. When I did, I spotted Lowes Cottage consecutive away. Located successful the Derbyshire Dales colony of Upper Mayfield, it was built precocious successful the 18th period by a stonemason who needed a location with a workshop. It seemed precisely similar the spot my begetter had described.

I drove retired to presumption it the time earlier the auction. The cottage was approached implicit the ominously titled Hanging Bridge and Gallowstree Lane – the location itself was named aft a adjacent robust property burial mound. Perhaps I should person felt a consciousness of foreboding, particularly erstwhile the cause wouldn’t fto maine usage my video camera wrong the house. But the cottage had everything I’d been looking for, with the added attraction of bewitching Peak District views. I was delighted by it.

The pursuing day, I turned up astatine the auction to find a camera unit contiguous and a tangible buzz successful the room. The hammer came down aft I’d bid £6,000 implicit the usher price. I’d hardly had clip to process the information that I’d won earlier I was ushered into an anteroom afloat of reporters. A microphone was thrust towards maine and idiosyncratic asked: “How does it consciousness to person bought England’s astir haunted cottage?”

I had nary thought of the house’s estimation – determination was nary hint of it successful the statement – but I was rapidly brought up to speed. A couple, Andrew and Josie Smith, who had bought Lowes Cottage successful 1994, had filed a lawsuit against the erstwhile owners for not telling them the spot was haunted.

The Smiths claimed they had been driven retired by a fig of manifestations, including thing they described arsenic “a creeping presence”, similar a mist that appeared and thickened into fog. They spoke of abrupt pockets of cold, damp patches connected the partition and objects inexplicably moving. Their claims were backed up by a vicar, who investigated the cottage and said helium recovered a pungent odour that moved astir and a partition that seemed to weep erstwhile helium placed his manus connected it.

It was reported to beryllium the archetypal lawsuit relying connected the beingness of supernatural forces since the mediate ages, but the justice gave the Smiths’ claims abbreviated shrift. During my archetypal nighttime successful Lowes Cottage, I started to person immoderate sympathy for my predecessors. My collie, Syon, was uneasy entering the location and recovered it hard to settle. Lights switched connected and off, determination were abrupt changes successful somesthesia and my TV would crook itself on.

There were further incidents. I was visited by reporters who experienced problems with portion recorders oregon cameras. I remembered the cause who had forbidden filming erstwhile I archetypal visited, and erstwhile mysterious patches of glistening moisture started forming connected walls, I recalled the vicar’s statement of a “weeping wall”.

It felt astir arsenic if Lowes Cottage had a property and was investigating maine successful immoderate way. The spot seemed susceptible of changing moods, though I ne'er had immoderate consciousness of a malignant entity. I aboriginal got to conscionable the Smiths and recovered them to beryllium coagulated and authentic people.

After a while, Syon seemed to marque bid with the house, and the perplexing incidents stopped. I spent a blessed 4 years astatine the cottage earlier renting it out. Only 1 of the tenants has reported thing unusual.

In the months aft the auction, immoderate radical told maine the location would beryllium “a blessing” to me, and they were right. In spite of its notoriety, I’m precise grateful to Lowes Cottage. Seemingly prophesied by my father, it acted arsenic a pivot betwixt an unhappy clip successful my beingness and my much fulfilling beingness restoring play properties.

As told to Chris Broughton

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