Experts Fear Biden’s Global Minimum 15 Percent Tax Rate on Big Corporations Could Harm Small Businesses

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Experts are acrophobic that President Joe Biden’s caller global minimum tax complaint of 15 percent connected ample multinational concern volition harm the tiny businesses that enactment them.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen confirmed connected Saturday that leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies (G-20) person endorsed the “historic agreement” connected caller planetary taxation rules, including a planetary minimum firm tax rate of 15 percent.

The caller regularisation would besides marque it harder for multinational corporations, including tech giants similar Google, Amazon, and Facebook, to debar taxation by establishing offices successful low-tax jurisdictions.

It is estimated it volition make astir $150 cardinal successful further planetary taxation revenues annually, portion stabilizing the planetary taxation strategy and increasing tax certainty for taxpayers and taxation administrations, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The caller planetary minimum taxation complaint has been championed by Biden, who hailed it arsenic a “game changer” while Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told CNBC that what it volition “provide is simply a level playing tract globally wherever companies and countries tin compete, connected the ground of their innovative ideas, fundamentals, the prime of workforce, and their concern environments.”

“Countries astir the globe person decided that to concern the nationalist infrastructure investments that they request to put successful their people, and not to person each of the load of raising taxes autumn connected workers … this is simply a mode to marque definite that each countries successful a just mode tin cod more,” Yellen said.

Biden has besides projected a separate 15 percent taxation rate that would use to astir 200 U.S. corporations making much than $1 cardinal successful profits annually called the “Corporate Profits Minimum Tax.”

Combined, some taxation rates could permission America’s largest businesses paying much than 30 percent successful caller taxes.

The Business Roundtable, which represents immoderate of the largest companies successful the United States, said the 2 taxation proposals impose $800 cardinal successful taxation increases connected businesses and would “aggravate the superior competitory disadvantage faced by U.S. companies comparative to their overseas competitors.”

But experts fearfulness the new 15 percent planetary minimum taxation could inadvertently harm small businesses successful the United States that enactment multinational corporations, leaving them exposed and making it much hard for those concern to participate into overseas markets owed to the higher outgo of conducting concern abroad.

Small businesses that trust on multinational corporations volition apt find themselves bearing the taxation load too, portion those that trust connected multinational companies for supplies could spot costs accrued further amid an ongoing supply concatenation crisis and skyrocketing prices.

“If you are a ample institution headquartered successful the U.S., you are apt not doing everything by yourself. You are relying connected tiny businesses to proviso parts to enactment your wide operations,” Daniel Bunn, vice president of planetary projects astatine the Tax Foundation, an independent taxation argumentation nonprofit, told The Washington Times. “It’s those tiny businesses that are astir exposed erstwhile a ample multinational sees a important taxation hike.”

“If you are a palmy multinational company, you person the resources to navigate these rules, but it’s an other furniture of compliance to hide tiny business,” Bunn continued. “It turns smaller companies into acquisition targets alternatively than existent competitors.”

The minimum taxation could outgo the U.S. 500,000 to 1 cardinal jobs and alteration concern by $20 billion, The Washington Times reported, citing an August study by Ernst & Young, a multinational nonrecreational services web with office successful London.

“This is going to person a existent impact,” Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, the ranking Republican connected the House Ways and Means Committee, told the outlet. “At the extremity of the day, our overseas competitors are going to importune connected a large wound of America’s taxation revenues. None of this makes immoderate economical consciousness for America, surely not for our quality to vie and triumph anyplace successful the world, including present astatine home.”

The Epoch Times has contacted the Treasury Department for comment.

President Joe Biden, who traveled to Rome for the G-20 summit, wrote connected Twitter that leaders “made wide their enactment for a strong global minimum tax,” calling it “more than conscionable a taxation deal—it’s diplomacy reshaping our planetary system and delivering for our people.”

The minimum taxation complaint volition use to corporations with gross exceeding 750 cardinal euros (roughly $870 million) successful income globally.

Governments could inactive acceptable their ain section firm taxation complaint but if companies wage little rates successful a peculiar country, their location governments could “top up” their taxes to the 15 percent minimum, eliminating the vantage of shifting profits, Reuters reported.

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