FAA Refers 37 Cases Involving Unruly Airline Passengers To FBI

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By Associated Press

and Newsy Staff
November 12, 2021

The FAA and Justice Department person precocious developed a process for the FAA to nonstop cases to the FBI for imaginable prosecution.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it has referred 37 cases involving unruly hose passengers to the FBI for imaginable transgression prosecution since the fig of disruptions connected flights began to spike successful January.

FAA and Justice Department officials said Thursday that successful the past 3 months they developed a process for the FAA to regularly nonstop cases to the FBI, which forwards those worthy of prosecution to tract offices for investigation.

The FAA said the cases referred to the FBI are among 227 this twelvemonth successful which it has begun enforcement enactment that could pb to civilian penalties against passengers.

Airlines and their unions person pressed the FAA to propulsion much aggressively for transgression prosecution successful terrible cases of aerial rage.

The contented of rider unit gained caller attraction past week erstwhile a 20-year-old California antheral was charged with punching an American Airlines formation attendant successful the face, sending her to a infirmary for treatment. He faces 2 national charges.

Airlines person reported much than 5,000 incidents involving unruly passengers this year, with much than 3,600 of those involving radical who refused to deterioration look masks arsenic required by national regulation.

The FAA said it has launched 950 investigations into rider behaviour connected flights this year. That is the highest full since the bureau started keeping way successful 1995. In the 5 years from 2016 done 2020, the bureau averaged 136 investigations a year.

The Association of Flight Attendants is pushing for a caller no-fly database for radical who battle unit members oregon different passengers. Someone banned connected 1 hose could perchance beryllium banned connected all.

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