Facebonk, Bacefook, Hellsite: Zuck, the internet has some rebranding suggestions

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Facebook is reportedly preparing to unveil a caller sanction arsenic the institution seeks to rebrand, and the net has already travel done with immoderate pointed suggestions.

The plans, archetypal reported by the Verge connected Tuesday, travel astatine a clip of upheaval for the company. In the past fewer months alone, Facebook has been served with a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission, was the taxable of a legislature proceeding aft a whistleblower revealed worrying interior practices astatine the company, and is facing a walkout of moderators implicit moving conditions.

Ideas for however to overhaul its toxic representation followed swiftly aft the quality broke. Reporter Katie Notopoulos astatine Buzzfeed put forward a fig of options: BookFace, MySpace, Facey McBookface, Definitely NOT Facebook, Hellsite, Oops We Facilitated Genocide, and The Good And Nice Company, Not At All Evil.

Other’s took to Twitter to lend their rebranding skills.

Dear Facebook- person you thought astir the sanction Phillip Morris? I deliberation it’s available.
Your welcome

— Jon Stewart (@jonstewart) October 20, 2021

Many person accused the institution of creating a caller marque to sidestep the flurry of regularisation and atrocious property it has received successful caller years – arsenic backlash mounts from US Congress, the press, and nationalist sentiment implicit its privateness practices, antagonistic nationalist wellness impacts and problems with hatred speech.

Mark Zuckerberg has antecedently expressed his goals to grow the institution marque – peculiarly into its “metaverse” worlds. Zuckerberg’s imaginativeness for the metaverse would usage artificial and virtual world exertion to make a integer space, akin to the internet, successful which radical could usage integer avatars to locomotion astir a virtual satellite and interact with 1 different successful existent time.

The level would let users, for example, to beryllium astir a array successful a gathering unneurotic portion successful their respective homes. In its study Tuesday, the Verge suggested Facebook could alteration its sanction to “Horizon”, which is reportedly what it is calling its metaverse brand.

Tech companies person launched akin rebrands successful the past – with Google renaming itself Alphabet successful 2015 to correspond its increasing subsidiaries specified arsenic YouTube and the self-driving car steadfast WayMo. That rebrand besides came astatine a hard clip for Google, which was besides accused of making the alteration to distract from its problems.

Regardless of what Facebook changes its sanction to, the determination is apt an effort to stave disconnected the tempest of atrocious property and projected regulations from lawmakers successful Washington and globally – and that’s nary laughing matter, civilian rights advocates say.

“Like large baccy and large lipid rebranded to deflect attraction for their crimes, Facebook thinks that a rebrand tin assistance them alteration the subject,” said the Real Facebook Oversight Board, a watchdog radical monitoring the company.

“It’s casual to disregard this arsenic a gag oregon deliberation Nick Clegg has snapped a tether, but this is simply a motion Facebook volition spell to immoderate magnitude to distract from their nonaccomplishment to support hatred disconnected of their platforms,” they added.